Live Long and Stay Sharp


Live Long and Stay SharpLive Long and Stay Sharp

If you want to keep your mind sharp as you age, you may want to consider adding these 3 foods to your diet.

1. Baseball players (and fans) can rejoice. According to researchers, a handful of sunflower seeds offer a hefty amount of vitamin E, which helps prevent free-radicals from damaging your cells.

2. Dairy may be a questionable when it comes to your health. Some studies show that dairy may cause inflammation, leading to health problems. But yogurt appears to be a good choice. Full of anti-inflammatory probiotics, as well as B12, yogurt may help protect the brain from degeneration.

3. Almonds. Like sunflower seeds, almonds are rich in Vitamin E, and are an easy addition to your daily breakfast. Spread it on toast or waffles, or add a tablespoon to your morning smoothie.

4. Sardines. Sardines are full of omega-3s, which is an essential nutrient to keeping a sharp mind. If sardines aren’t quite your style, go for salmon. Vegetarian? You’ll want to up your quantity of nuts and seeds, although the omegas aren’t as easily digested.

5. Eggs. Vitamin D is found in eggs (as well as the sun of course), and low vitamin D levels have been attributed to a variety of health issues, including the possible correlation with Alzheimer’s.

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Want to Live to 100?

If you answered yes, now answer this: Do you want to live to 100 if you can’t remember anything? Wouldn’t you like to live long and keep your brain sharp?
According to researchers, cognitive decline can begin as early as 45. But if you change what you’re eating for dinner (and hey, really breakfast too), you will increase the chances of moving into old age with your smarts and humor, too.

Not to mention, that according to a study reported by, women who consumed certain foods extended their life expectancy as much as if they exercised four hours a week! What to eat? Add a cup of oatmeal to your daily routine and a handful of nuts!

Ready to think more clearly? Here are 5 more foods you should add to your daily, or at least every other day meal plan.

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