Are You Helping Yourself Live Longer?



When asked, most of us wish to live a long and healthy life. But are you doing everything you can to get there? What about 80 percent? Unfortunately, when asked, most of my peers feel stressed, tired and overwhelmed three deterrents to longevity.

We may exercise (but push too hard), we may eat right (but drink too much), or we may have a terrible balance between work and play. We’re not here to critique or criticize, nobody’s perfect (not even us hehe) but instead to MOTIVATE! The key to longevity is in some pretty simple steps.

Take the “shoulds” out of the equation and find the “wants” instead. Ultimately, when we feel like we are making decisions that we WANT to make and that’s not an obligation, we generally make better decisions. So put down that 3rd cup of coffee and pick 5 of our 10 tips for living longer and better.

1. Stand up or practice active sitting: New research shows that for every hour spent on the couch you lose 21 minutes of your life. We invite you to embrace the world of ‘active sitting’ that will change your workday by transforming your office space into an ergonomic, more mobile work station. For starters, let’s take a look at Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair. It’s not rocket science what Gaiam has done with their slightly transformed Balance Ball concept. By sitting on the ball, you’ll improve your posture and spinal alignment while getting a powerful core-strengthening engagement. Or try Wiggles chairs, like the Swopper, and keep your blood actively flowing due to the constant slight engagement of the thighs, behind, and core.

2. Learn a new language maybe in a group setting. Scientists have shown that Alzheimer’s patients who were able to speak multiple languages stayed cognitively agile longer. If you can’t join a group (which gives you a double longevity-boost), listen to lessons while you commute.

3. Drink green tea, or black. But skip the milk. Tea helps decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke, but adding milk may negate the beneficial effects.

4. Not a tea drinker? Drink coffee. One cup a day helps lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and possibly decreases your likelihood of depression.

5. Have good sex. Being intimate increases your longevity, but having enjoyable sex boosts it even more. Speak up to your partner about your wishes and you’ll find not only more intimacy, but also women who have a regular sex life look younger too!

6. Walk or bike. Driving has its own risks, and also contributes to environmental pollution. Skip the car at least 1 day a week and hoof or pedal around.

7. The glass is half full. Individuals who have a positive outlook on life, and who feel they are contributing to society have a lower rate of cognitive decline. It takes practice, but give it a try.

8. Aim high. With optimism comes perseverance. When we feel we have the potential, we are more likely to aim high and studies have shown that individuals who aimed high lived longer.

9. Give. Your monthly planner and/or your monthly budget should include time spent helping others. If you can’t financially give, you can give with your time and energy. Help organize a neighborhood food drive, volunteer at the local crisis center, or give time at the Humane Society. People who give and help tend to live longer, plus you have the opportunity to tap into another social network (another longevity boost), and maybe foster a new hobby to boot.

10. Go green. Adding cruciferous vegetables to your diet helps protect against cancer and gives your blood vessels some extra love, too.

Melissa, Editorial Director

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