Veli Modus: Blissful Treatment At A Maldives Spa Paradise


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If Veli Modun sounds like gibberish to you, you’re probably not alone. But this native Maldivian treatment has been utilized in the Maldives for hundreds of years and is a prime attraction at the newly opened Beach House’s Shui Spa.

The paradisiacal backdrop of snow-white sand and placid, emerald water sets the tranquil mood of a Maldives spa. While you take a refreshing dip in the warm sea water to release all toxins from your pores, the masseuse constructs a massage ‘table’ by patting down soft, white sand. Once you are thoroughly cleansed and detoxified, you’ll find your spot on the bank, and the masseuse will begin to work his magic: kneading every last inch with long strokes utilizing wet, salty sand, a process that not only restores your healthy glow, but also alleviates aches and pains.

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“Concentrate on letting the ocean carry away all negative energy,” he tells you quietly, working out every last kink as the gentle waters lap up against the shore.

After the sand massage, you’ll rinse off in the ocean before assuming your position on a traditional massage bed. The masseuse then lavishes your body with freshly squeezed coconut oil. This half-hour portion of the treatment serves to intensify blood circulation, soften the skin, and restore moisture.

This spa property even enhances this experience by going as far as transporting you to a private island for the most secluded massage possible. It’s the ideal complement to any honeymoon or romantic getaway for two.

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