Absolute MUSTS to Have When Your Baby is Born


From stocking her hospital bag, to driving home after delivery; getting the hang of breast feeding, to venturing out in public; and everything else that a new mom with a newborn MUST have from the moment she enters from pregnancy into labor.

What’s in YOUR Hospital Bag? Here’s mine, packed religiously and habitually during my pregnancy:

-The bag
– is also my diaper bag. It’s the TWELVElittle Allure Convertible Satchel and I’m obsessed. Mine is in beige because it’s perfect for everyday use, and obviously multifunctional. The exterior is waterproof with leather trim. It has multiple interior pockets, plus big exterior pockets for easy access. Plus it keeps me very organized as a mom-to-be and a mommy.
-Bellybuds– In case delivery is delayed, I want him to stay as calm as possible in my womb. So I will continue feeding him the soothing music that he’s been listening to since his hearing developed in utero at 20 weeks through the Bellybuds headphone style sound system. He likes Vivaldi (and it has been said to up IQ).
-2 sets of comfortable PJs, even better if they are breastfeeding tops
-1 soft nursing bra- Zulily.com is my best friend for high quality maternity, nursing, and baby clothes.
-Breast pads
-Maxi pads
-Face wipes. You will sweat. You will feel sticky and dirty and gross. Give yourself a little relief with the quick swipe of a face wipe. KAIA Naturals Juicy Bamboo cleansing cloths act as a three-for-one cleanser + toner + makeup remover. The super soft, biodegradable, individually wrapped bamboo cleansing cloths are soaked in heated and liquefied honey, vitamins B12, C and E to hydrate and gently clean the skin.
-Makeup concealer
-Mascara- Pur Minerals Volume Vixen.
-Dry shampoo- Saving Grace Hair Powder in blonde (since I haven’t been able to color my roots, this has been a photo-op savior! It naturally fills in my roots and instantly ups my confidence. No, vanity doesn’t go away just because you’re pregnant). Obsessed!
-Toothbrush and toothpaste- Slim Sonic portable, mascara-sized “electric” toothbrush.
-Stretchmark preventing oil- Bon Skincare travel wand spray (I use it every day and have ZERO stretchmarks!)
-Slippers- I am all about my isotoners! I love how easily I can slip them on, plus the indoor/outdoor sole keeps me from slipping as I walk through the halls, new baby in arms.
-Prepackaged or premade snacks- Momme meals Go Chews are the perfect bite-sized snacks that are stuffed with figs, peanut butter, apricots, and a ton of nourishing vitamins and minerals that are both delicious and healthy.
-Phone charger
-Birthing Playlist in my iPhone
-Bluetooth stereo– Beats by Dre Beats Pill
-Going home cotton dress (yes… trying to be like Kate Middleton). I’m a fan of the Dressed to Deliver Chloe Birthing Gown because it’s soft, stretchy, and made for breastfeeding.
-Baby going home outfit
-Celebratory Bubbles!- You might not want to drink actual alcohol (since you will be breast feeding), but how about a glass of celebratory bubbly with 9Months, a sparkling non-alcoholic bubbly made from grapes grown in southern
Australia. Now that’s something you can toast to!

Once Finley (that’s my little man’s name-to-be) has arrived, I have my diaper bag contents already picked out and ready to go to show off his adorable face.


What’s in YOUR Diaper Bag? Here’s mine:

-Face Wipes- NeatCheeks stevia flavored face wipes (babies love it… or rather, like it more than a dry face wipe)
-Blanket- BonnBonn Baby Antimicrobial Moisture Wicking Amazing Wonder Blanket. It’s perfect for swaddling, burping, and changing.
-Diapers- the quantity depends on the number of hours you’ll be away. Always plan on a couple more than needed… just in case.
-Wipes- I love Honest diapers and wipes  (especially the baseball diapers!) to keep him fresh and clean. Naturally.
-Booger extractor. You might not think about it until you need it, but you’re infant doesn’t know how to blow his nose. Particularly after a tantrum, he might need a little help getting the boogers out. Oogiebear has a stopper to avoid going too deep into the nasal cavity, plus the two sided extractor is made for both wet and dry boogers. You’ll thank me.
-Skin to Skin action accessory. The SleepBelt is a hands free skin-to-skin support system that literally belts your sleeping baby to you. It’s not a wrap, sling or carrier. It has no knots, clips, or buckles that can strain the neck, back or shoulders. Recommended by La Leche League International, the 4-way stretch naturally mimics the womb and will ease your antsy baby.
-A Change of Clothes. Always be ready to change your top. The Lalabu Soothe Shirts will be a complete lifesaver. It’s both stylish and functional with it’s discreet kangaroo pouch to keep your baby held tight to your chest without adding an additional heat-increasing layer. Because it’s made with super strong (yet incredibly soft) material, it doesn’t quickly stretch out from babywear. Plus it allows you to hold your baby close, hands free.
-Gripe Water- Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water is an absolute must! The all-natural herbal supplement relieves fussiness by easing stomach discomfort often associated with colic, gas and hiccups. It’s one of the best natural infant crying solutions.
-Spit up Eraser- Dried milk from leaky breasts, forgotten spit up, and baby powder is quickly erased with the Unmarx eraser.
-Breast Soother- Fishbellies microwave/freezer hot cold packs are essentials for breastfeeding mommies. It looks like a stuffed animal, but this one brings relief to mommies. It’s also great to cool off overheated babies on how days.


On-The-Go Mommy MUST!

The BEST Breast Pump for Working Moms– The Medela breast pump is the Rolls Royce of consumer breast pumps. And your insurance might even cover it (call them and ask). The double electric pump is ultra-lightweight, easy to use, and gets the job done efficiently and effectively. Because it simulates natural nursing patterns, it can even help improve milk flow. Yes, it’s more expensive. But it’s worth it.

At-Home PumpingEvenflo Manual Breast Pump is significantly less expensive and perfect for at-home moms who want to alleviate the pressure of engorged breasts but don’t need to suck the life out of them. Refrigerate or freeze the extra milk in the Evenflo storage bags or deposit it directly into the glass vented bottles to start intermittently training your baby for bottle feeding.

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