Re-Energize Your Space with Feng Shui


There are many things that you can do in your home to improve your mood, such as rearranging furniture to open up your space. Feng shui is a great way to feel better in your own home.

If you want more clarity, focus, abundance or even inner peace using tips inspired by feng shui can help.

Outside your home

Look at the different areas around your home. Study them and look at them closely. Do you live in a apartment, do your neighbors have a lot of junk in the yard, are there a lot of yard gnomes that are distracting from the nature? Little details like this will make a difference in the energy in your own home.

Do you live by a railroad, freeway or light rail station? These are things to consider for the energy of your home.

Front door

A good feng shui house starts with when you enter the door. Is it clean and free of dirt and debris? When you first walk into your home, is their clutter?

Once people enter into your home, they bring energy as well as dirt and bacteria from outside, in order to keep a clean feng shui home encourage people to understand the principles of your feng shui home.


The main entryway’s is important for a good feeling home. Make sure it is free of clutter and debris. Is it welcoming? Put flowers or a live plant in view to help people balance their mood. This can help nourish your home and create positive energy

Ask yourself what is the first thing you see when you enter into your home? Rearrange items if necessary. To rearrange your furniture for proper alignment and energetic clearing is key for a happy home.

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