Do The Mango Tango… Naked + Morning Smoothie Recipe


This Fall, we want to see you do the mango smoothie tango … Naked!

Did you hit the Farmer’s Market this weekend only to return home with just a tad too much spinach? Or with a few random ingredients that were impulse buys? (Mint? Excess peaches?) You could make a delicious peach mojito OR you could boost your Monday happiness and health with this provocative mango smoothie.

  • Whole Foods is bursting with Champagne Mangoes right now (at least in our very insulated Colorado stores). You could skip your evening dessert and instead have one of these, or try this simple smoothie. P.S. Everytime I eat a smoothie, I’m reminded of Sark’s book of wisdom, suggesting one should eat mangoes naked for optimum happiness!

To prepare: Combine 2 cups spinach with 2 cups coconut milk (or water; I prefer milk), 1 cup pineapple, 1 cup mango, 1 banana, and ice. Serves 2.

  • I was talked into buying nearly 2 dozen peaches just last week. And although we’ve been having them as snacks, in salad, and grilled, they are also delicious for your morning treat.

To prepare: Combine 1 cup greens with 1 cup almond milk, 1 peach, 1 banana and 1 cup frozen strawberries. Delish!

  • Blackberries. If you’re lucky enough to have fresh berries already, enjoy this refreshing drink. I especially love it for an afternoon pick-me-up.

To prepare: Blend 1 cup spinach with 1/2 cup fresh mint leaves. Add 2 cups coconut water, 2 cups blackberries (fresh or frozen), and 1 pear. (You can swap out the pear for a banana, kiwi fruit or apple). Enjoy.

Melissa, Editorial Director

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