From Burn To Bombshell – SkinAgain Works Its Magic


At SkinAgain, they are showing a whole lotta love for your skin. This non-toxic skin care leader is hard at work doing battle on your burns, cellulite, stretch marks, scars, dark spots, eczema, psoriasis and other common skin conditions that are otherwise a big bummer.

What we love most? SkinAgain’s products are free of potentially harmful ingredients like parabens, phthalates, triclosan and synthetic fragrances and colors. In a marketplace filled with confusing labels and terminology, it’s just so nice to see a skin care line provide all of us that have skin (!) with a fresh sampling of safe, natural and beneficial skin care.

And there’s also a remarkable story behind the birth of SkinAgain…

THE ACCIDENT: Sherry Berry, Co-Founder and CEO of the SkinAgain brand, suffered from an accident that could have been earth-shattering but instead turned out to be the inspiration behind this brand. After being severely burned in a fire-pit gone wrong accident, and with no health insurance to protect her, she was forced to resort to her own vices to fight off, first the pain, and second the probable disfigurement she would be facing from the burns.

THE GIFT: She had been given the gift of a box of experimental lotions concocted specifically for burns three weeks prior to this event. In desperation, she pulled out the lotions to sooth her burns as she didn’t have the option of a visit to the ER = inevitably expensive. Miraculously, as she persisted to use this lotion, she started to see that its healing properties were rather miraculous. Not only were her burns healing but the health of her skin eventually improved to a condition better than it was even BEFORE the accident.

THE BIRTH: Because this situation could have been disastrous but instead had a major silver lining, SkinAgain was born. Sherry took her extensive knowledge of holistic elements and natural energy fields, along with her heart and soul, and invested it all into that initial formula.

RELIEF – YOUTH – VANISH – RESCUE: Quadruplets were born, all with their own gene pool and properties to fight virtually any lamentable skin condition!

SKIN AGAIN Relief: This powerful, soothing formula was developed by SkinAgain to relieve irritated, itchy, red and inflamed skin due to skin conditions, rashes and insect bites.

SKIN AGAIN Youth: Utilizing superior cosmecuetical grade ingredients and a powerful blend of high-potency actives clinically proven to immediately and noticeably diminish the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone and loss of elasticity.

SKIN AGAIN Vanish contains the highest recommended percentages of award-winning ingredients to quickly and noticeably reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scars.

SKIN AGAIN Rescue. The #1 leading product for soothing burns from post-laser, radiation, hair-removal and other cosmetic treatments. Formulated by SkinAgain, this unique formula also provides soothing relief from minor cuts and scrapes.

By Shanon Hoffman

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