A Hoppy Twist To A Pacific Northwest Yoga Retreat – Yoga + Beer


When people first think of a retreat, their mind automatically goes to “healing, relaxation, community, and activities” – sound about right? Sure, but they aren’t all like that. What would you think when you hear of a Yoga and Beer retreat? Because it’s real! And I’m here to tell you all about it.

What is Yoga + Beer?

Yoga + Beer event at Gilgamesh Brewery in Oregon

Yoga + Beer is an Oregon-based yoga community that unites together several times a month to combine things that make us feel good: Yoga, community, and you guessed it – craft beer. To celebrate the love for yoga and appreciation for local beer creations.

Their studio is, of all fitting things, a brewery! The post- (and sometimes pre-) class refreshment is a beer. No pressure, never too serious … just fun, feel-good, hop-infused yoga.

The Yoga + Beer Retreat 2016 is led by Mikki Trowbridge, co-founder of The Beer Yogis based out of Salem, Oregon. This is not your traditional yoga retreat, just like the Yoga + Beer classes aren’t your traditional yoga class. It’s happening all this week starting August 24th – 28th in Bend, Oregon, a beautiful resort town in the Oregon high desert. Read more about the retreat on Mikki’s website here



Mikki Trowbridge

Most recently The Beer Yogis duo, (Mikki Trowbridge and Melissa Klimo-Major), traveled across the United States for the Yoga + Beer tour finishing at 23 cities, 6,000 Miles, over 1 month.

This retreat will be the first Yoga + Beer Retreat! Congrats to you, ladies, for unintentionally making something outta ‘nothing’. I say this because Mikki expressed to me that the very first event was really just a place for her friends to gather to have a beer afterwards, and if 15 people showed up she would be happy. Over 100 people came! “I didn’t even have a mic! I had to scream down dog!”, she giggled. 

It lasts for five days of feel-good, beer-drinking, outdoor-adventuring, friend-making, yoga bliss, to explore Bend, recommit to your practice, and to celebrate summer.

Take a peek at some of the added accouterments of this retreat:

  • Free access all weekend to the beautiful eco-friendly, soaking pool at McMenamins Old St. Francis School
  • Meals inclusive of course, but this next one, this is great!
  • First beer is included after every brewery yoga class, at each brewery visited, and at each night’s dinner.
  • 90-minute yoga classes
  • Group Hike & Yoga, and Elk Lake experience
  • SUP Yoga and Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • A Yogi Surprise box to each attendee

The soaking pool at McMenamins hotel


Well why not first and foremost! But it goes without saying that one of the reasons would be to travel (if it’s not local), and to connect with your personal practice in an extended nature setting. Just like regular yoga classes, the purpose is to create unity in one space and to find your solitary calm, but there’s always something special about a small community coming together for several days in eclectic and often ethereal settings.

I’d imagine that the inspiration happens in sync with the entire group. It’s a space to unplug just as much as it’s a space to meet new people who have a common view of the world as you do. I couldn’t possibly forget to mention the opportunity to spend time with not only the instructors hosting the event but other professionals and yogis out there. 

[clickToTweet tweet=”A Hoppy twist to a #PNW #yoga retreat! If you love #yoga, and #beer, read this. #blogger @mikkitrow” quote=”A Hoppy twist to a #PNW #yoga retreat! If you love #yoga, and #beer, read this. #blogger #fitfam”]


There’s something about the PNW air and environment that makes one feel light and airy. I made the move from the Southwest a few months ago. I’m born and raised in Arizona, moved to Colorado on Halloween of 2015, then moved to Oregon on the weekend of June 10th, 2016. After several visits to the PNW over the course of 10 years, I could not wait to finally move! And yes, I have experienced the rain – and I love it.

I think it takes a certain type of person to live in the PNW, outside of being born here and never moving away, of course. One must truly have a desire to connect with their environment, the trees and have an overall admiration for the foliage. Having a forest as your habitat does something to the mind on a cosmic level. Exploration must lie as a fundamental of our well-being.

When you add Yoga, or any mind-body exercise, to this equation, it creates both inner and outer peace. Even living in the city of Portland, it doesn’t take you much to step into a hidden forestry gem.

Take Mikki Trowbridge for example, she truly seizes all opportunities of teaching in Oregon’s beauty by taking advantage of studios, breweries, and vineyards in Portland, Salem, Willamette Valley, Bend, and SUP Yoga at the Oregon coast.

Yoga + Beer retreat in Oregon @mindfulsami #blogger


And last but certainly not least, we would like to give a huge thanks to Yogi Surprise, a yoga retreat in a box, for sponsoring this event by donating a box of goodies to each of the attendees. Click here to learn more about Yogi Surprise, based out of Portland, Oregon! 

Get connected: Mikki’s Facebook, Mikki’s website, Mikki’s Instagram, Mikki’s YoutubeThe Beer Yogis Website, The Beer Yogis Facebook.

If you are in Oregon visiting for an extended period of time, or just passing through …I recommend staying connected with her Facebook events page. Any questions, PR or collaboration inquiries please email Samii@BeMindfulYoureCreative.com

Catch me on my Instagram, twitter and facebook (down below) as I document my experience!



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