Slim Down Your Fridge & Your Kitchen


By Melissa Williams

What you find in your fridge affects your waistline. But did you know that where you place your food in the fridge affects it as well? If you buy fresh vegetables and fruit, yet put them in the back, you’re most likely not going to find them until their moldy mush. The kitchen pantry is equally as important. Read on for our top tips:

  1. Unstuff your fridge If your fridge or freezer is overstuffed you won’t be able to find the good stuff very quickly. We like freezer lists as well that show you what’s inside that deep freeze.
  2. Chalk it up. Right down all the produce you want to use on a chalk board next to your fridge. (This is a great way to use CSA produce, too). That way when you’re planning meals you know what you have and you’re not racing off to the store for yet another ingredient.
  3. In your pantry put meals together. If you put all the breakfast ingredients on one shelf, you’re more likely to grab the extra flax seed for the top of your granola than if you had to go in search of it.
  4. Use your storage wisely. Bags tend to get half-used. Instead put your snacks, noodles, nuts, etc. into clear jars and put like with like. That way when you’re in search you know exactly what you have, and even alternatives if necessary.
  5. Plan and use. If you get to the end of the week and find yourself going to the store for one or two items, look back at your pantry and see what sort of creativity can be found. Kitchen sink salad? Extra smoothie?
  6. Freeze. If you happened to overbuy your produce, prep it and freeze it. My favorite thing to do with extra spinach and greens is to prep and wash, and then create mini smoothie bags. Add frozen berries, pineapple or mango and ziplock. Then when you’re hankering for a smoothie, just grab a bag and add your favorite non-dairy milk, juice, water, or coconut water. Voila! No waste, and delicious taste.
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