Planning A Spa Day? 8 Tips To Reach Your Peak Bliss



The most important rule of thumb when taking a spa day sojourn is to be present in the moment, experiencing your state of mind/body/spirit and letting go of all outside influences. The payoff – an afterstate that can last beyond the spa.

Take home your bliss by following these steps to maximize your spa day…

  • Do your research. Find out about any specials, holiday packages, mid-week offerings. (Four Seasons Hotel and Spa in Westlake Village, California is offering a $99 special on Wednesdays with a 50 minute treatment and the use of all the spa amenities and the Olympic sized saltwater pool)
  •  Be a Lady of Leisure. Go early and make sure you take the extra time before your service. Spend the day if possible. Use the facilities offered to you, such as the Jacuzzi, steam, sauna or luxurious multi-spray showers.
  • Go For It! If there is a heated pool available, and you don’t like it nippy, go beyond your limits. If it is 62 degrees outdoors that day, and the outdoor pool is heated to around 82 degrees and your normally only swim in 85 degree weather and a warm pool of 86 or above, stretch your limits and see how it feels.
  • Treat Yourself to Something Extra. Like most of us, if you’re on a budget, order a smoothie or something from the spa menu. You don’t do this every day, so give yourself the extra gift. There may be a new recipe you can take home or you might discover a spa dish that you love.
  • Take Advantage of All the Freebies. Relax in the lounge, drink the cucumber or citrus water, herbal tea, and enjoy some of the snacks. Indulge in the magazines. (Even read the tabloids if you must!) Or better yet, read that Architectural Digest.
  • Relax Completely and Enjoy the Treatment. Melt into the massage or facial table. If you are chilly, ask for something to cover your feet, or a heater, or a fan if you are warm. Make sure you are comfortable, don’t be afraid to ask for something that you need. Your aesthetician or masseuse is there to take care of you. Let them know if something does not feel right, if they are coming on too strong or hurting you. This is your special day so don’t be shy about speaking up and getting what you want.

This is your precious time for yourself, a day to remember and something you can look forward to again. BE CELLPHONE FREE!!

Check out the SPA SPECIALS in your area and discover new treatments being offered. Try something you’ve never experienced before.

By Marjorie Rothstein, The Five-Star Life

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