I love your website!!  It has so much wonderful information. I love the article written by Amy Paturel on “Energy Healing”. I do Energy Healing!! I work at a spa and I have my own website. I would love to be able to have a link to your articles. Looking forward to your reply!  Thank you!
Sheska Chan

Thank you very much for sending that along.  We are tickled pink to have such a wonderful feature with HL&S.  I have enjoyed reading all about the ‘greening’ of the spa world.  As a Cultivator Member of The Green Spa Network, we follow all of this very closely and are always looking for ways to become even more eco-friendly.
Carolyn Lee | Absolute Nirvana Spa | Santa Fe, NM

I love Healing lifestyles!  I’ve been inundated with several “healthy lifestyle” lately and most of them are fairly lacking in substance.  It was a very pleasant surprise receiving yours.  I’m hoping we can work together in the future!

Amy Friemoth | Creative Manager | Standard Process Inc

For some time now, I have been reading your content faithfully and have followed the growth and refinement of your website. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the quality and beauty of your content. I feel you have really captured the wellness space for spa and the healing arts that speaks to conscious awareness and sensitivity. I like the emphasis on purity and environmental responsibility that you show.
In today’s world, spa has come to mean a lot of different things. A product, a destination, an experience must speak to inner growth as well as outer to be successful. Thanks for doing both!
Shari | Boulder, Colorado

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sending this along.  Felicia is such an excellent writer and I appreciate you all very much.  If there is ever anything I can do for you please do not hesitate to contact me!  And what a gorgeous and pithy website!  Patients want information and education-thank you so much for providing it when they and the staff have time to read!
Julia T. Hunter, M.D. | Beverly Hills, California

I absolutely love HL&S. It not only keeps me informed but also helps me to stay on the cutting edge of my profession. I love what I do and HL&S keeps me on track!
Barbara | Dubuque, Iowa

HL&S gives me the latest information about natural healing, breakthroughs in health, lifestyles that encourage good health and retreats that invite me to stop, breathe, and notice the way I’m taking care of myself. I can count on accurate writing and articles that focus on the newest developments in healthy lifestyles. I love it!
S | Windsor, California

Absolutely Fabulous Magazine!
Melissa | Denver, Colorado

HL&S is a website in touch with my lifestyle. It celebrates the spirit within and touches upon all aspects of healthy living. Articles instruct me on alternative health care and healthful eating. It motivates the wanderer in me by uncovering exotic places to travel.
Julie | Phoenix, Arizona

HL&S is an invaluable resource for me as a woman, trying to stay fit and live a natural lifestylethrough menopause, in spite of full time work and because my Mother has osteoporosis and breast cancer. Information on stress, nutrients and healthy products and services is something I use every day of my life.
Lynn | Agoura, California

My busy lifestyle with 2 children, teaching and wildlife rehabilitation leaves me starved for information on healthy products and alternative healing articles. Reading HL&S goes a long way towards relaxation and daydreaming about my next spa adventure.
Jeanie | Camillus, New York

I find HL&S very informative and helpful in selecting my perfect spa and healing modalities. You highlight only the best in the business and enlighten readers to new experiences.
Jonelle | Long Beach, Mississippi

I have always found your website most informative on beauty and health issues. I have been to many spas over the years and I always look forward to finding new ones highlighted in your website. It’s a treat for me to read your articles and find new products for me to try. Thank you for a great magazine.
Maxine | Henderson, Nevada

It is wonderful to find Healing Lifestyles and Spas advertising healing spa retreats as well as healthy lifestyle choices such as the “all natural kitchen” options for healthy living.
Amy | Ventura, California

I’m so crazy about this. It’s nice to have something to read that excites me. I love reading and seeing other people ‘s experiences, and learning about common healthy alternatives. I mean, great information like this helps me keep my body and mind positive. Thank you H L & S!
Diana | Nevada City, California

HL&S sparks a lot of interest in me in that I am a woman that leads a very active lifestyle and enjoy taking care of my skin and the relaxing environment of spas. There are articles featuring spas spanning the globe so that I am aware of all of my destination options. It is rare that I find something that has my attention on so many subjects.
Rebekah | La Jolla, California

HL&S got me started back into exercise and relaxation. I had gained many pounds since my husband passed away, and I have not been interested in exercising. I went to Spa Terre in San Diego, and at the resort we were offered the magazine in our rooms. I love it! It has so many inspiring articles and resources for products and spas.
Lisa | West Valley City, Utah

The articles offer excellent information for me and my clients. The holistic bent fits in well with our goals at the spa at which I work.
Michelle | Ouray, Colorado

Through the gentle direction of this website, I am able to get alternate vacation choices, great nutrition and disease prevention tips and inside information on all types of fitness and body work, leading to a truly committed healing lifestyle.
Minerva | Port Charlotte, Florida

I always looks forward to sinking down into the sofa with HL&S, releasing the surface distractions of my day as I read most articles, viewing the visual beauty of each Spa, absorbing the information on treatments and products, all of it helping me to reconnect with my wonderful inner self, my quiet wisdom. I dream of being nurtured at many of these places because I respond so positively to massage and bodywork and the accompanying healing environment of most Spas, when I can indulge. For me, your magazine is the catalyst for living a richer, more creative and healthier life. Many thanks!
Catheryn | La Jolla, California

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