Thaiyurveda – Herbal Massage at Spa Esmerelda


Herbal Massage at Spa EsmereldaHerbal Massage at Spa Esmerelda

“In Thai folk medicine, the Circle of Life is a constant flow between three essences” says Camille Maya Western.

“Body is the atoms that make up our physical selves; Citta, the mind/heart, the nonphysical inner life; and Energy, which in the Thai system holds mind, heart, and body together.” Using her years of study and experience as a massage therapist, esthetician, and trainer, Western created the Thaiyurveda Herbal Massage offered at Spa Esmeralda to regenerate mind, body, and spirit.

The treatment starts with breathing exercises and a mini meditation focusing on the intention to be happy, safe, peaceful, healthy, and to maintain well-being. No oils or lotions are used. Hot herbal compresses of camphor, ginger, eucalyptus, and lemongrass are applied along sen (energy) lines as the therapist presses, rotates, and kneads you from feet to scalp. The sometimes vigorous Thai acupressure massage incorporates assisted stretching, great for easing stiff muscles, unblocking energy, increasing circulation and range of motion, and improving digestion. It is advised to sit in the sauna or steam room after the eighty-minute treatment to further relax muscles and aid the release of toxins.

Traditional Thai medicine addresses spiritual healing, manipulative massage, a healthful diet, and herbs for specific maladies. Spa Esmeralda’s Thaiyurveda Herbal Massage reflects a trend in merging ancient healing traditions with relaxing and rejuvenating spa experiences, and this one really completes the circle: You’ll feel whole again. For more information call (760) 773-4444 or visit

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