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Iridologists study the iris, the colored part of the eye, to diagnose disease in the body.  The premise behind the science is that each organ in the body has a corresponding area within the iris and that illnesses and disease can be diagnosed by using the eyes as a mirror for what is going on inside of the body.

Ignatz von Peczely, a 19th-century Hungarian physician, invented iridology when he observed a dark streak in the iris of a man with a broken leg that reminded him of a similar dark streak he had seen in the eye of an owl whose leg he had broken years earlier. However, it was Bernard Jensen who created the map of the eye that is used by iridoligists today. The map divides the eye into sections of the body, any discolorations or dark flecks correspond with toxins or problems, while the light areas reflect the body’s health.

My session with Boulder, Colorado-based iridologist, Jackie Deane, CNHP, started with her explaining the premise of iridology. Deane looked into my eyes and marked her findings on Jensen’s eye map. After about twenty minutes of bright light and gazing at the tip of her nose, Deane explained her findings. I felt as if I was in a palm reading tent as she correctly pinned down several ailments: my chronic throat problems, constant stomach pain and digestive issues, and my hidden stress were discovered just from looking in my eye with a magnifying glass and a flashlight. I was impressed, to say the least. From there, Deane introduced me to supplements and vitamins, and we spent some time talking about diet changes.

A typical iridology session lasts about an hour and a half; at least thirty minutes are reserved just for observing the eye while the rest of the time is conversation discussing the emotional, physical, and nutritional aspects of the body. Several follow-up sessions are needed because it generally takes about three to six months to see results, depending on how deep the problems are and how easily your body heals itself.

Although I was skeptical, I was impressed with the accurateness of the diagnosis. I never knew how the color changes of my eye were representative of my health. Now that I know, I feel motivated to change my diet and lifestyle not only for my own benefit, but also to allow the blue of my eye to shine through again.

Talia Goldenberg

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