Dear Lover: I Give You The Gift of My Orgasm


Dear Lover,

When the heat of passion flames and desire burns in every cell of my being, it is a call that must be answered. It will not be denied. In our physical reality, the physical will sometimes have its way: our lips, our hips, our bodies will meet. One luscious moment after another of exploring, uncovering, and discovering will ensue…unraveling the mysterious networks of nerves entangled among deeply rooted emotions as fingers feverishly touch, to feel and be felt, and lips hungrily explore, to consume and to give rise to sensation. My body’s yearning needs must be addressed and fulfilled.

We will rise and fall together. Our bodies, our breathing, our beings will become unified, if only for this moment. We will work and play together in our movement, our intention, our direction, heading towards our final sumptuous destination:

The Big O

That delicious moment when time stops and all that exists in the universe is the exquisite feeling of ecstasy. That sensual moment when the mind leaves the body and all that is left is the soul, dancing in the glory of its truth. That singular moment when absolutely nothing matters except the complete freedom of that moment.

You need to know something about me, dear lover. You are not giving me an orgasm. I am giving my orgasm to you.

I know, I know. It’s weird. You think that this something that you do for me. It’s your goal to “give” me one. Or many. But let me tell you something… I am not like most other women. I am the master of my body and I can give myself dozens of erotic, amazing orgasms all day long. I know what pleases me, what I enjoy, and I have the roadmap of how to get there (with all of the variations) completely memorized.

I also realize and understand the basic biology of the human condition. Sneaky little chemicals, namely hormones and neurotransmitters, get immediately and automatically released when I climax and for me, they create these sticky little unseen yet strongly felt bonds between you and me. In my experience, it is not something I can turn on or off like a faucet. These strings tie their inevitable loops around my heart and search out yours, securing us together in an invisible way, that perhaps you cannot feel or do not realize. But I do.

So I will not allow myself to climax with you, no matter how incredible your body is, or how perfectly you touch me, if that is all there is. I need to feel safe with you. I require myself to feel that you have a sense of respect, care and concern, and some tender sweet loving kindness towards me.

To fully release myself to ecstasy with you, I must trust you.

I will not allow myself to bond with you… if there is anything less than this. I will be happy to give you the gifts of your orgasm all day long, as many times as you like, because I do know about basic biology and the human condition. Your body excites and delights me and I enjoy taking you to other worlds, even for a moment. There is much sweetness and pleasure in that for me, and I am so happy to give that gift to you. And you can play with me and we can have hot, sensual fun, and I will take breaks and breaths as needed, reserving my orgasm for myself until I am secure that I won’t regret the bonds that will be created by having this experience with you.

Sweet lover, I am not writing this to cause you concern. I thoroughly enjoy either way. I really do!  I just want you to know that if the day comes when I climax with you, that you have entered exclusive territory, and I have accepted you into my heart. You possess my trust, love and attention, all sacred parts of me. Please know that this is the greatest gift I can give to you; the gift of my orgasm.

Rebecca Marie

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