The Seven Things You Need to Keep Your House Clean & Green



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You don’t need a plethora of cleaning products to keep your house clean. Much like your skincare regime, your house cleaning arsenal should also be simple and effective. Here are our top picks for your green clean team.

  1. Vinegar. When diluted vinegar can clean everything from porcelain to laminate.
  2. Method Glass & Surface Cleaner. We love Method‘s products, but this one sprinkles your mirrors, glass, and even those finger-spattered cupboard handles with a minty clean.
  3. All-purpose cleaner. We like Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner made with eucalyptus the cleaner cleans and degreases and de-scums everything from the kitchen to the bath.
  4. Microfiber cleaning cloths. With one of these you can often skip the wood cleaner, helping dust and restore shine to any of your wood products.
  5. An old toothbrush. For the nitty-gritty in between spaces, like tile grout.
  6. Baking soda. We love baking soda for its abrasive power. If you need a bit more grit (or for cleaning stainless steel pots), we suggest Bon Ami powder cleanser.
  7. For stainless steel appliances and for cleaning countertops and other surfaces, we suggest mixing a dishwashing liquid, like Dr. Bronner‘s Sal Suds All Purpose Cleaner with a bit of water. Be sure to rinse.

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