Melting Away Your Stresses At The Spa At The Four Seasons, Las Vegas


 The Spa At The Four Seasons The Spa at The Four Seasons

The Las Vegas Strip. There is nothing like it in the world.

People pour in from all edges of the earth to experience the hustle and bustle, the billions of dazzling lights, and the amazing architectural displays, depicting some of the most popular touring locations in the world. Day or night, the strip is abuzz with energy, alive with people and events and things constantly happening.

Whether here for business or pleasure, Las Vegas can be incredibly exciting and quite a bit draining. You might need to press pause for a moment. Breathe. Get away from the bells and whistles and chimes and music and people. Where can a person go and relax, have an awesome spa experience, and retreat from it all for a moment?

Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Mandalay Bay at the south end of the Strip is The Four Seasons, one of the few 5 star rated resorts in the area. Being a local here in town, I avoid the Strip at all costs. It is such a hassle to locals; parking in huge garages, trying to remember where you are parking, walking through huge casino mazes filled with noisy slot machines and lingering smoke, trying to get where you want to go. If I am going to endure all of those things, my experience had better be over-the-top amazing!

To my extreme pleasure, I have found a world-class, fully renovated, 5-star Strip experience that does not come with this cumbersome entanglement of situations just outside its doors. The Four Seasons makes it so easy to get away, whether you are a local or not. They have their exclusive drive off the Strip at the end of which you pull your car into the valet and “forget about it”. Walking in the front entrance, you are greeted by warm, welcoming earth tones found in the nuances of the clean marble floor and the wood walls.

And there is a lot that was  missing… Smoke, slot machines, amazes and CHAOS!

The Spa is cozied in right down the hall and upon entering you immediately feel like you’ve entered a serene, cozy oasis just outside all of the hubbub. Remodeled to provide a desert feel, the impressive reception area boasts a stone desk made of polished Nevada quartzite and a spectacular oversized art piece made of walnut hardwood. Nestled inside are 12 treatment rooms, including 2 spacious couples’ suites, and two inviting Zen Lounge areas with complementary tea, infused waters, and paleo snacks (little nut and fruit squares).

Although I was told it was a busy day at the Spa, I honestly felt like I was the only person there! I slipped into my plush robe and slippers, and padded around the well-appointed locker room to the lounge area, anticipating my upcoming treatments. I also got a chance to do some wistful skin care perusing as I spotted the treasures that are displayed at the spa, including Naturopathics, Phytomer and Pure Fiji. All 3 safe beauty brands that we, at Healing lifestyles & Spas, have grown to covet.

 The Spa At The Four Seasons

First came the luxurious “Head to Toe Candle Wax Massage”. Whomever dreamed this up should win the Nobel Peace Prize! A pleasantly warm concoction of natural waxes and coconut oil delightfully scented with orange and lemon balm were drizzled indulgently over my body and then massaged in with the perfect amount of pressure. I could feel as all  of the stresses of my day melted off my body as I sank into the warm, silky, cloud-like sheets.

Next came the Urban Life facial, an integrative facial using innovative technology designed to relieve and detox the daily stresses and pollutants from the skin. Although my aesthetician kept me well informed of every step, my mind had wondered off to some pleasant place that I hadn’t visited in a long while. In all honesty, every moment was pure pleasure and there were copious layers and steps to this facial with each one better than the next. Red LED lights invigorated my skin and a little microcurrent tingle firmed my skin nicely. Time slipped by so quickly and when it was over, my skin felt alive, fresh, firm and soooooo rejuvenated and smooth!

I must pause here to give an unrequired bow down to all of the therapists and employees at The Four Seasons. While the environment is serene and well appointed, and the treatments are carefully thought out to be the amazing experiences that they are, it is the staff that really is the icing on the cake. Most of them are “lifers”, meaning they started when the resort opened. Many have been there for a very long time. Each person is attentive, detail-oriented, very highly skilled and articulate at communicating what is happening and intuitively discovering your needs and wishes. In this town, finding therapists that stay so long in one place is unusual and speaks volumes about the company for which they are dedicated workers. So kudos! 

When my treatments were completed, I prolonged my state of relaxation in the eucalyptus scented steam room. Showering and getting ready for my day, I noticed that everything I needed was provided for me in the locker room,.down to the last little accoutrements. A step above my prepping and primping area in my own home!

Reluctantly, I left, as the staff all wished me a wonderful day and held every door. As I walked down the hall, I cannot tell you how fabulous it was to encounter clean air, calm hallways and a serene atmosphere. I wasn’t jostled back to reality. I was able to linger in my reverie a bit longer.
I can attest to the FACT that I will most definitely be back to The Four Seasons again. On my to-do list for massage treatments are the Table Thai, a gentle stretching table massage technique, and Cupping, a method of using cups and massage to increase circulation, elasticity, and relieve tension. I will also need to try their ultimate signature facial!, of that I am certain.

The Spa At The Four Seasons Hotel,  Las Vegas :

Rebecca Marie

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