Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate


What makes love last? Is it the chemistry?  The kindness?  The passion?  The spiritual connection?  The partners’ worthiness?  The hand of fate? What makes a soulmate?

Few people have been better prepared to tackle this question than Arielle Ford, which she does masterfully in Turn Your Mate into Your Soulmate . This new work is for partnered people wishing their relationship were deeper and more gratifying.  The book opens by confronting the carefully crafted fairy tale myths about true love that programmed us to become the “star” in our personalized “romantic movie.”

Eventually and inevitably, however, Prince Charming or Princess Aurora “morph into someone you no longer recognize.”  In her down-to-earth style, Ford poses a profound if paradoxical question: “What if nature fully intended to hook us up with the one person who will hurt, offend, and annoy us the most?”  Perhaps your evolution, the unfolding of your potential, is central to nature’s plan for you. And perhaps you are deeply programmed to be attracted to those who can be an instrument for bringing your limitations and the areas where you need healing into stark relief!  No person is “better suited to kick up all your issues” than the one your internal radar drew you to fall in love with.

A wise, practical, and eminently friendly guide to transforming this dilemma from a source of agony and disillusionment to a rich partnership that becomes a container for growth, healing, love, and joy.  In it you will learn about the fundamental differences in the ways men think, communicate, and love; the ways women think, communicate, and love; and how to bridge those differences.  You will learn how to successfully ask for and receive what you need most from your partner.  You will learn about the components of a healthy relationship.  And you will most importantly learn how to move beyond yourselves to infuse your relationship with a larger spiritual connection.

By Arielle Ford

REVIEWED BY: Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Ph.D, Co-authors, The Energies of Love

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