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Our eyes are working overtime these days, as we navigate a cyber world that is hugely dependent on what we see and read, all of which adds up to eye trouble.

Meir Schneider, a vision and self-healing expert, reversed his own legally blind status using eye yoga techniques that he developed as a teenager. Now a world renowned teacher and healer, Schneider shares his work in books, cd’s and workshops.

Start your eye yoga workout today with a few of Schneider’s tips for better vision and eye health.

These 3 eye yoga practices only involve time, your body and a little bit of sunshine. Practice daily for about a month and notice how your vision has changed!

1.) Sunning- Sit outside in the sun with your eyes closed and turn your face in the direction of the sun. Move your head slowly from side to side (roughly 30 times) while you breath deeply and relax your shoulders. Intersperse with rounds of palming (see below) for best results.

2.) Computer strain relief- For every ten minutes of computer use, take a break to gaze away from the computer while you wriggle your hands on either side of your head. This helps you develop and strengthen peripheral vision and relieves eye strain from gazing at a fixed direction for to long.

3.) Palming- Rub your hands together and close your eyes. Place your warm palms over your eyes and relax. Continue to rub and palm for about 15-20 minutes (if you have glaucoma, don’t do for more than 5 minutes, instead do more often). Palming

By Heather Vuchinich, Editor, Spaliciously

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