Tea Tree Oil To The Rescue: Simple Remedies To Common Problems


I just saw my esthetician, and you know how every time you go you learn something new about skin? We love that!

She told me about using tea tree oil – derived from the leaves of a tree in Australia –  as an acne treatment. Since it is naturally antibacterial, tea tree oil can cure acne mild to moderate acne caused by bacterial infections of the sebaceous glands. It’s a great alternative to benzoyl peroxide, which can dry out your skin.

You just dab some tea tree oil, which can be purchased at grocery and drug stores, and keep it up until it goes away.

There’s a few other uses for tea tree oil that we love:

1. Take big whiffs of it as a potential antiviral to defeat flu or other viruses

2. Add to cold water and apply to the head on a clean cotton cloth as an efficient cooling fever wash

3. Add some to your shampoo to fight dandruff

4. Put it in a hot tub or spa to disinfect

Natural Mouthwash Recipe:

First, let me stress that the oils you use here should be 100% pure organic essential oils! Look for EcoCert or Soil Association labels to ensure you’re not using any synthetic flavours. Personally, I would recommend using distilled water, too, as a lot of tap waters in America have been found to be contaminated with fluoride and heavy metals.

Recipe 1: 1c Water, 1t Himalayan salt, pinch baking soda, drop organic peppermint, clove or tea tree oil. Add all into a glass, stir it up, take a swig, rinse and spit.

But here’s what you need to know:

DO NOT INGEST THIS WONDERFUL OIL! It is generally safe when applied to the skin in moderate amounts, but some people may develop allergic rash, blistering or itching.

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