10 Cruelty Free Bold & Natural Lipsticks that Luster and Last


Happy National Kissing Day! Pucker Up Butter Cup, we’ve got your lip service covered … so keep reading for our favorite natural lipsticks and treatments!

We’ve talked a lot in the past about how important it is to use organic or natural lipsticks because, frankly, a lot of it ends up in – not just on – our mouths. So if we’re wearing a conventional lippy, that means we ultimately inges loads of toxic chemicals, including heavy metals, artificial colorings, preservatives and perfumes. No thanks!

But the reality is that finding great natural, cruelty free lipsticks in a sea of toxic department store brands isn’t easy. So we’re celebrating National Kissing Day today (yes, it’s a thing!) with a list of awesome lip colors wiih super staying power that are free from any toxic chemicals and animal testing.

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If you want to prep your lips to make them super-kissable for National Kissing Day (or any time, for that matter!) just use a dry toothbrush to gently brush them sideways to exfoliate any dry skin. Wipe off any flakes, then apply your product.

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Now, get ready to pucker up. Mwah!



1. Ilia In My Room

We love this product because not only does it work as a moisturiser and conditioner for the lips, but it also provides a subtle, neutral ‘blush’ for your lips. You can build up the intensity of the colour depending on how much you apply. The texture is smooth and sits lightly on the mouth; it’s not at all sticky and has no strong taste or scent.

Staying power: 8/10


2. Axiology: The Goodness

We love this brand for the slightly orangey smell and taste of their products (due to natural oils, of course) and for its incredible staying power. The Goodness is a mauvey pink shade with a tiny hint of shimmer that ensures the pigment not only stays on all day, but also doesn’t transfer easily to glasses or other people’s cheeks. We also adore the unique ‘pop up’ gold tubes from Axiology. Press the bottom to pop the top off – super chic!

Staying power: 8/10



3. Lotus in Fashionable

This lipstick doesn’t just moisturize and condition lips but also plumps them right up!  Made with all natural and mainly certified organic ingredients, Lotus’s rich and creamy texture leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth all day.

‘Fashionable’ is a flame red with hints of orange that suits medium complexions. The tube is nice and weighty and the pigment looks deep when you first put it on, but I must say that after having a drink, I had to reapply this one. But I still love this shade, and also the fact that it’s almost purely organic, so it’s on the list!

Staying power: 6/10


4. Nudus in Survivor

With most cruelty free, all-natural cosmetics, there’s not much scope in terms of colour options. Well, Nudus smashes that notion with its rainbow of deep, dark hues to nice neutrals and nudes. I fell in love with ‘Survivor,’ an electric fuchsia with a matte finish which is truly the signature shade of their collection. With an array of vitamins ranging from A to K along with natural active ingredients leaving your lips soothingly soft this lipstick, it is handcrafted with bioactive colour pigments providing long lasting, rich colour. Although it’s quite pricey, Nudus is definitely worth the cost, as it’s packed with awesome ingredients, is super long lasting and never leaves your lips dried out, even in the matte shades.

Staying power: 10/10


5. Hynt Beauty Pomagranite

I cannot tell you how much I love this lipstick! It has a slightly sweet taste (thanks to the stevia) and a refreshing, light scent (thanks to the peppermint oil) but the best part is the colour! You know when you’re looking a bit tired and apply some lippy, which then instantly perks your whole face up? That’s exactly what this shade does. And yes, it lasted pretty well through a toothbrushing session and a cup of coffee. No need to re-apply!

Staying power: 8/10


6. Lippy Girl Vegocentric Organic Vegan lipstick in ‘Snog me’

They say there’s a shade of red for everyone, and this particular red is slightly muted, so it needn’t be reserved for evenings out. With a light, creamy texture, this lipstick is pretty sheer when first coat is applied, meaning you can build up the colour to your heart’s desire. Considering this is such a light, moisturising product, it still lasts for a fairly good amount of time.

Staying power: 7.5/10



7. Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Liquid Lip in ‘Blythe’

Liquid lipsticks/lip creams are becoming more and more popular; I guess they’re richer in colour as well as more moisturising. This Gwyneth Paltrow supported brand has made it onto our list mainly for their ingredients: highly concentrated phyto-pigments, cold-pressed oils and a fruit stem cell serum. What could be better for your lips? We tried ‘Blythe,’ a dusty rose colour that’s so versatile in terms of when and how to wear it. The applicator creates an even finish and it delicately moisturises the lips. As for staying power, it lasts a fair amount of time, considering how light it is, and there’s a pleasant smell and taste – but this one does feel a bit ‘Goop’-y (ha ha! – Gwynnie pun!). But seriously, your hair may get stuck in this.

Staying power: 6.5/10


8. W3LL People Universalist Matte 8 in Berry Aubergine

This is definitely an essential handbag item as it’s a multi-purpose stick – yep, that’s right: it’s a long lasting blusher or lipstick. No wonder the brand has described it as: “designed for the ‘woman who wants it all’! The colour we chose is one of their most popular – a rusty, shimmery shade that looks great on fair skinned brunettes or those with a darker complexion. It’s got a lovely matte finish, with just a hint of shimmer.

The formula is free from all nasties, and it’s packed with green tea, aloe and other nourishing ingredients to ensure there’s no heavy, greasy film and no caking. It has a creamy, light texture but it seriously lasted all day! I also tried this as a blusher and though it was pretty dark for my skin tone, I was impressed again by its staying power.

Staying power 9/10



9. Odylique Organic Mineral Lipstick in Hot Chocolate 14

This is a personal fave of mine as I love brown shades of lipstick – especially since they’re so ‘in’ at the moment. This one smells as good as it sounds, and is free from toxic materials. It contains vitamin-rich extract derived from organic oils, butters, fruit and flowers, so you can imagine how good it feels on the lips. Not too keen on the plasticky tube, but the creamy formula nourishes beautifully, but the colour does fade after a while. But that being said, it leaves no chips, flakes or lines behind, so it’s not all that bad.

Staying Power: 5/10


10. Lavera Brilliant Care Lipstick in Creamy Nut #4

This product is designed to condition as well as colour the lips, with a selection of key active ingredients such as organic oils and pigments from minerals making it intensely moisturising. The colour is a nude shade with hints of bronze making it a great daytime wear or evening wear. The colour is quite versatile can work against different skin tones; however it wasn’t as long lasting as I would have liked it to be – I had to re-apply this pretty frequently even though I didn’t eat or drink anything all afternoon.
Staying Power: 4/10



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