sexy workouts

Who doesn’t want to hop on the ‘sexy workouts’ bandwagon?

A friend of mine who recently completed Iron Man-Lake Placid called her workouts “suffer training” so as to prepare herself for mental toughness and overall athletic strength. Being an elite athlete, she’s no joke. She swam with a broken rib, ran with a hip fracture, and biked with boils on her bum. Doesn’t sound very sexy does it?

But masochism isn’t for everyone. And while a torn hamstring is talked about in locker rooms like war stories from the battlefront, I say, make love not war! Painful workouts may be trendy, but they are also the direct result of increased visits to the ER, adrenal fatigue and over eating (food rewarding).

Believe it or not, you can actually achieve mind-blowing results and get the body and soul you crave, simply by being sexier! Here are 10 ways to stay sexy and healthy without painful workouts…

  1. Flirt: Did you know that flirting is a healthy de-stressor? Researchers at the University of Washington found that flirting in the workplace helps employees to increase their happiness and de-stress. Flirting, when appropriate, can also keep levels of oxytocin (the “love hormone”) high in both males and females. Wink, wink!
  2. Eat more aphrodisiacs: There’s no such thing as a fried, battered, processed aphrodisiac loaded with trans-fats. The very essence of an aphrodisiac, a food that, in ancient times, aided fertility and sexual performance, is that it has the ability to offer high amounts of nutritional value so as to increase libido. Foods such as almonds, avocados, bananas, chocolate, figs, garlic, ginger, honey, and of course, oysters, have all been touted through the centuries as great performers. Conversely, eat less junk. There’s nothing sexy about chicken wings and potato chips.
  3. Swim: Swimming is sexy. Alone or with a partner, there’s something beautiful and tantalizing about a body gliding through a pool of clear water. Even a brisk dip in a cool Northern lake during summer is, well, hot. And, ahem, there’s always skinny dipping. Leisurely swimming, by the way, can burn up to 650 calories.
  4. Have sex: It’s almost cliché now, but, sex burns calories. It’s exercise. But, the truth is, the amount of calories burned depends on, er, the energy manufactured during the act. Just as you can’t burn any calories at an aerobics class lying on the mat, neither can you do so during sex. So, don’t just lie there. Get your heart rate up and get busy! Need a few ideas? Try the “Standing Ovation.”
  5. Wine & Dine: Decide on a stressless dinner and go out to eat. And I’m not talking about some beer and shots joint down the road. How about a wine and oyster bar in the city? Red wine, if you haven’t already read the studies, is packed with Resveratrol, a naturally occurring antioxidant that helps eliminate free radicals in the body and aids in longevity. Oysters are packed with zinc to help fortify the immune system. Both are aphrodisiacs, and even if they weren’t, how sexy is a wine and oyster bar with a bunch of your friends, or your second half?
  6. Chocolate Massage: There’s something decadent, erotic and oh so healthy about a chocolate massage. But, as bad as that sounds, don’t forget that chocolate is packed with antioxidants. And the mind-body-spirit effects of a professional massage are priceless. Ask HealthyLiving for a recommendation. There are hundreds of great spas that offer this crazy sexy service.
  7. Misbehave: I’m not talking about robbing a bank or shooting up a convenience store. But how about a little mischief to get the adrenalin going? Adrenalin is your stress hormone and believe it or not, some stress is good for you. The fight or flight response “speeds up heart rate and increases blood pressure,” allowing you to have that “I feel alive” sensation. Trouble is, prolonged, nagging stress, where your adrenal glands are triggered non-stop is not good. So, think quickie in the park, playing hooky from work, booking a last-minute flight to Vegas; liberate yourself a little. It’s good for your spirit.
  8. Get Naked: For some of us (me included), getting naked is the last on my list of sexy things to do, let alone healthy. And yet, “garments limit the flow of air over the skin and interfere with the evaporation of perspiration.” Getting naked at least for a little while also helps skin to breathe and try a break from restricting clothes that may have many harmful chemicals, dyes and allergens. And if you feel completely uncomfortable with even the tiniest bit of flesh showing, try switching to 100% organic cotton clothing, which is breathable and has been manufactured with less harmful chemicals. Or try a little sultry and sustainable lingerie to feel safely sexy.
  9. Soak it up: Bubble baths used to be all the rage. Now it’s the soak. Draw a bath and avoid reaching for the bubbles. Instead, sprinkle some healthy alternatives into the tub: oatmeal is great for psoriasis, dead sea salt has an exfoliating effect, rosemary, orange, aloe, lavender or eucalyptus soothes and opens pores. For a super sexy effect, draw a jasmine and sandalwood scented bath for two.
  10. Think Sexy: Your brain is your most powerful too (well, and your gut). Not only does it have the capability of defining the objects and actions of your life, but it has the power to redefine them if the old definition isn’t working. Case in point: who says painful workouts are necessary for fitness? You do. So…try changing your paradigm. Start to see the positive effects of lighter, but more frequent exercise routines. Start to see the power of making healthy choices to enhance your inherent sexiness and beauty. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you “become aware of inaccurate or negative thinking,” as well as create positive impressions with respect to events or actions you’d normally prefer to avoid. My point? No pain, no gain is a myth. So, stop forcing yourself to endure the painful workout. See what the sexy approach can do for you!

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