5 Intense Moves To Pump Up Your Sex Life


When it comes to improving your sex life, most of us are willing to go that extra mile to ‘get there’.

But beyond kegels, date nights, and herbal aphrodisiacs, what else can be done? According to exercise specialists, the gym should be at the top of your list to pump up not only your weights but also your sex life. And we’re not just talking about increasing your cardio. Specific and targeted strength exercises can not only help you to limber up and feel better about yourself while in the bedroom, but can actually enhance your overall experience. Here are the experts top picks.

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Lunge Around the Clock for sex! No, you don’t have to lunge all day long, but rather, change the angle of your lunge to increase the flexibility of your hips while also strengthening your powerful glutes. Start standing imagining you’re standing in the middle of a clock with 12 o’clock in front and 6 o’clock behind you. Step forward with your right foot into a lunge with your foot at 12. Step back to starting. Step forward again, but this time put your foot at 1. Continue til you reach six o’clock and you’re actually stepping backwards. Switch legs.

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Full Circle Planks for sex! If you ever need to hold yourself up, this is one to practice. Start in plank position. Hold for 30 seconds. Transition to a right side plank (or forearm plank). Hold for 30 seconds. Flip over into a reverse plank position. (Your fingers should be facing toward your feet.) Hold for 30 seconds. Finally, flip to a left side plank and also hold for 30 seconds.

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Bridge Lifts for sex! Practice tilting your pelvis to not only increase tone but also flexibility. Come into a bridge pose. With an inhale, lift your hips up. Exhale, release down. Continue with the lift and lower 10 times. Then lift and hold for 10 seconds while you gently pulse your inner thighs toward one another (placing something between your thighs can be helpful). Lower.

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Wall Sits for sex! These are good for everyone! Bring your back to a wall, and walk your feet away until your feet are about thighs-distance from the wall and hip-distance apart. Placing a yoga block between your thighs will help you maintain this alignment, and will also help you isolate your inner thigh muscles. Slide down the wall until you look like you’re sitting in a chair. Hold for one minute and rise.

Melissa, Editorial Director

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