Taking Action: 5 Paths to Make a Difference in the Face of Tragedy.



“There is heaviness in our hearts. It seems like every week is another major tragedy. It can be hard to focus on what is good when there seems to be so much bad, but there is a lot you can do. We must pray AND move our feet. We must use all of our resources, AND be in reality AND take action to help the world around us.”

Do you feel that too? That heaviness in the air?

My friends at soul camp and Brené Brown offer 5 plans of action to help you make a difference.

  1. Prayer + civic action are not mutually exclusive. Join in both.
  2. Step away from social media coverage and toward real people for support, action, conversation, and being with each other in collective pain. Keep informed, but don’t stay glued. Our secondary trauma will not make us better helpers – it shuts us down and sends us into self-protection and blame-finding.
  3. All we can do is acknowledge the pain and fear, create space to talk about what’s happening in an age-appropriate way, and own our own vulnerability and uncertainty.
  4. Stop blaming and shaming. The more we point figures and separate the more fear has a hold. Choose to rise about and be the love with compassion, and daily intentions set around love.
  5. Follow and support thought leaders and light workers who are blazing a path with love.

Six positive role models making a difference with their platforms:

You may feel small, and perhaps even insignificant,  but it’s important to not let the feelings of hopelessness overtake you. Rise up and you can help in times of tragedy.

Take Action

Puerto Rico:

  1. Buy supplies (toiletries, blankets, etc) and mail to the Puerto Rican Family Institute in NY;

The Puerto Rican Family Institute

145 West 15th Street

New York NY 10011

  1. Donate to the Hispanic Federation

Florida Keys:

  1. Donate to Convoy of Hope
  2. Browse specific families & organizations of your choice to donate via GoFundMeYouCaring

Las Vegas:

  1. Donate to National Compass Fund
  2. Donate to the GoFundMe relief fund

Northern California: 
1. Donate to the GoFundMe relief fund
2. Donate to Napa Valley fire relief efforts

These are different ways that you can take action right now. Stay in the light, but let yourself feel the dark and then begin to move your feet.

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