5 Women’s Wellness Retreats: Beyond Measure & Beyond Bold


At times it can feel like it never stops. From juggling careers and motherhood, to taking care of a home and keeping it running efficiently, all while dodging the obstacles of every day life, it can feel as though we’re always taking care of someone, or something. And more often than not we neglect to take care of ourselves.

Hit pause on your life and rejuvenate with a trip to one of these 5 wellness retreats. Leave behind the stresses and woes of every day life and immerse yourself in the company of other like-minded women who will help you feel nurtured from the inside out. You’ll find your tribe among the women you meet, and find yourself along the way, too.

“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.”


1. Tara Spa at the Westin

Set off into the heart of Colorado’s stunning Vail Valley and stop off at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa for a women’s wellness weekend with TARA Spa Therapy.

The retreat, taking place from September 29 to October 1, is guided by Tara Grodjesk, an entrepreneur with over thirty years of health & wealth experience as a certified massage therapist, holistic health educator, Ayurvedic practitioner and aromatherapist. (She has also helped design spa treatments at spas around the globe, including this one.) TARA wellness retreats are the cornerstone of her well-being philosophy and reflect her vision to harness nature’s inspiration to create an environment and experiences that will help you on your journey towards healing.

The wellness retreat features relaxing spa treatments, floating meditations, refreshing yoga classes, a guided hike through the colorful Aspen forests surrounding the Westin Riverfront and several group meals at Maya, the modern Mexican restaurant at the Westin. You will have time alone for reflection and rest, time to enjoy the company of like-minded women, and plenty of time with Tara where she shares her secrets about living a life grounded in nurturing self-care and well-being (spoiler alert: It’s about what you do everyday!)


Running offers a great way to relieve stress and take the time out of your day to focus on you, yourself and I. Not only can it clear your head and drastically lift your mood, it can also be a social thing, too. But sometimes life gets in the way, and our Nike’s end up gathering dust.

Revive your energy and renew your motivation for running with a retreat that focuses solely on the sport. On a Run Wild Retreat, you’ll be guided toward creating your own sustainable running practice that will fit into your life. It will also be structured to improve your health, and nurture your overall well-being, leaving you inspired.

Run Wild Retreats + Wellness offer trails in some of the best trail running destinations, from Spain and Iceland to the Swiss Alps. Join them next spring in Costa Brava, Spain, for a Mediterranean experience like no other. During your week you’ll spend time in running clinics, learning how to run more efficiently and comfortably; you’ll experience wellness workshops to help reduce stress; you’ll enjoy daily guided runs; and you’ll enjoy delicious, authentic Spanish cuisine. Book here.

3. WomEn’s quest 

If you’re looking to embark on the quest for strength, enrichment and personal empowerment then this wellness retreat is the one for you. Developed by Colleen Cannon, who has sixteen years of world champion triathlete experience under her belt, experts will guide you in a welcoming and supportive environment in a manner that is tailored to your interests and needs. You’ll fully explore balance, self-awareness and an overhaul in your health that you can bring into your everyday life.

Retreats are offered around the globe from Colorado and Hawaii to Tuscany and Patagonia. Join them this fall in Peru for a hiking and yoga adventure. During your trip, you’ll explore Machu Picchu, as well as Cusco and the Sacred Valley. You’ll unwind each day with yoga and/or a massage, and enjoy delicious food and companionship along the way. This week-long adventure will certainly change your life.


Bring your love of the ocean to life with a stay at SwellWomen. You’ll be able to combine your passion for surfing with a wellness vacation that will leave you revitalized and restored. Situated in El Salvador, SwellWomen was created by Lulu Agan, who has thirteen years of experience leading surf, yoga and wellness vacations, and who is dedicated to transforming the lives of women across the world.

At SwellWomen you’ll find empowerment wherever you turn; this is a place where women congregate to share their like mindedness and help one another. You get a real sense of sisterhood during your stay. And the fun doesn’t just end in the surf; once it gets down to mealtimes you’ll be treated to top-quality, healthy food in abundance with the fresh farm-to-table cuisine. Retreats are offered around the world, but join them next February in El Salvador for one of their signature surf and yoga experiences. From the beachfront views to the decadent digs and of course surf, and yoga, you’ll leave rejuvenated, transformed, and probably itching for another trip.

5. Sierra Bender 

The mission behind Sierra Bender is pretty simple; empowerment! During her week-long Bootcamp for Goddesses retreats, you’ll embrace new skills and ways of thinking, but you’ll also learn to surrender those thoughts and traits that are no longer servicing your overall well-being. At the core of empowerment is self-love, and something you’ll develop deeply.

Join her in January in Maui for her Boot Camp for Goddesses Level 1: The Awakening. This retreat is designed to help you connect with your power, passion and purpose through yoga, detox, meditation, African drumming, energy healing, the signature Inside Out workout, and more. You’ll come away feeling revitalize, and most importantly—powerful.

Lora O'Brien

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