6 ‘Hero’ Products Raising The Beauty Bar To New Heights


I’ve been writing about beauty trends since 2000, when organic skincare was a tiny niche category in a market of pharmaceutical-style beauty. Since then, loads of companies have broadened the field, opening our eyes and our skin to the world of natural, safe beauty. Women are no longer looking for beautiful packaging (at least not exclusively), and are scrutinizing the labels on their beauty products as much as they do at the grocery store. You can now find flower-infused, herb-derived, eco-friendly beauty products at major stores like Sephora.

So what trends are we watching unfold so far this year? An increased focus in “food” for the skin, i.e. inflammation fighters, probiotics, and collagen. Here are 6 ‘hero’ safe beauty & body picks that should be on your radar …


OUR PICK #1: Eminence Organics Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster Serum

It’s the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue (or at least on their minds since nearly every health book is somehow related to the topic). From anti-inflammatory diets to sugar causing inflammation, we’re well aware that inflammation causes negative side effects. These side effects often can show up in our skin, which is why beauty products are being created to manage inflammation, which can cause aging, acne, and more.


OUR PICK #2: Jane Iredale In Touch Cream Blush 

As a makeup junkie, this one is one of my faves. Companies are getting savvy, understanding that while we do want to look good, we don’t want or need 20 products to get us there. Products now can cover cheeks and lips; and some even can go on the eyes. This blush can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks and provides that dewy glow we all seem to be seeking these days.safe beauty

OUR PICK #3: Sjal Bio-Regeneratif (Anti-Aging Energy Lift)

Healing stones and crystals. My daughter uses healing stones to help calm her body. She even says that when she rubs them on her face it feels cooling and calming. Whether there is any science to back up her claims is rather a moot point, since how she “feels” is the end-all goal. Skincare lines are picking up on the power of healing crystals and gems and infusing their lines to help induce an energetic shift. This 6-in-1 serum contains amethyst, ruby, sapphire, diamond and tourmaline and is designed to help protect the skin from electromagnetic pollution.

OUR PICK #4: Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser and Sweet Milk & Chamomile Exfoliate

Make it Your Own. Another one of my favorite trends of the year is the customizable skincare approach. I have very dry skin, but often exfoliants can be too irritating (even though I love them). Enter brands like Farmaesthetics that let you mix the amount of Sweet Milk & Chamomile Exfoliate with their Fine Herbal Cleanser to get the perfect amount of grit and buff. The make it your own approach allows you to customize with herbs, and other add-ins to make skincare truly your own. . We love the texture of this combo and that the cleanser can also be used alone.safe beauty

OUR PICK #5: DeVita absolute EYES Quad Pod

Matte still has its place, but shimmer is allowing for a more youthful approach (and tends to look not only more natural, but better overall). You’ll find shimmer on the lips, cheeks and even the eyes. The goal is a dewy glow, and major lines are all over it.  is a pressed mineral eye shadow combo that’s vegan and paraben-free and offers four shimmery shades in each compact. (Devita.net)


OUR PICK: Eminence Organics Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer

Its not just your gut. We know that much of our overall health comes from the health and flora of our gut. And it turns out that probiotics for the skin have a similar effect on your face as they do in the gut, they improve the overall health and flora of your skin. Designed to reduce inflammation while clearing up your skin, it features willow bark extract, yogurt and aloe which are soothing, clearing and healing to your skin.

OUR PICK: Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum

Hyaluronic Acid & Collagen are still topping the charts. Both of these skin boosters are being used to enhance glow, suppleness and firmness. You’ll find them in serums, face wash, lotions and more. If you’re looking for an instant-boost we love this blend that features borage leaf, aloe, willow bark extract and more.



Melissa, Editorial Director

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