Sleep Naked! 8 Reasons You Should Embrace Your Body & Shed The Threads


Let’s get right down to the bare naked essentials. You should discard your clothes and sleep naked.

Yup. Those bras should be flung to the side, knickers abandoned on the floor and forget about trying to find a matching pair of pajamas. And this shouldn’t just happen when sexy time takes place, but every single night.

Why? Well, it’s comfy to begin with. But comfort isn’t the only reason we should all be getting into bed in nothing other than our birthday suit. There are many reasons why sleeping naked is actually beneficial to our body and great for our health, too. It may be odd at first if you’re used to sleeping bundled up in layers, but once you read how beneficial it is for your body to sleep naked, you may just find yourself saying adios to your bedtime threads!

1. It’s more convenient

It goes without saying that sleeping in the nude can save time when it comes to your bedtime routine. Stripping off and diving straight beneath those bed sheets is far easier than fumbling round your bedroom trying to find a clean, comfy pair of jammies. There’s no worrying over whether or not your bra and panties match. No worrying whether you’ll be too hot or too cold. Just simplicity.

2. You’ll sleep deeper

How many of us have woken up at some stage during the night to find our own clothes cutting off circulation? Or twisted around a limb in some awkward way. Not to mention the dreaded painful wedgie! We go to sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and have our batteries charged for the day ahead, so why do we cover ourselves in clothes that prevent anything but a great night’s sleep?

As for the actual quality of our sleep, well, our clothes may be contributing to such sleep disorders as insomnia, which prevents us from having a deep sleep during the night. There are certain types of insomnia that have been linked to changes with body temperature. So when you’re feeling hot and stuffy in bed, it not only affects your sleep cycle but it also prevents you from drifting off into a deep and peaceful slumber. Stripping down to your naked self will help to regulate your body temperature through the night.

3. Regulate your cortisol

Cortisol, a naturally occurring hormone found in our body, helps our body regulate stress. Cortisol levels are designed to fluctuate throughout the day and night in a circadian rhythm. When cortisol levels are off—either too high or too low (adrenal fatigue), we can experience immune problems, inflammation, blood sugar issues, and more. If you’re too hot at night, your cortisol levels may rise, resulting in increased feelings of anxiety and stress.

By sleeping naked you allow your body to maintain a more comfortable temperature.

4. Better skin & look younger

When you think about how little our bodies actually see the sunlight and feel fresh air circulating it, it’s pretty horrifying. We cover up with clothes every single day, restricting the amount of fresh air on our skin. Even when the weather gets warmer and we wear less clothing, there are still parts of our body that never see the light of day. So sleep is a really vital time to let our skin breathe, especially the areas always covered up. This may also help if you find you battle skin conditions, such as body acne.

While sleeping won’t do much in terms of reversing the signs of aging, it will help you to age better. Sleeping too warm can prevent the release of melatonin and growth hormones, both of which are vital for helping us to look as fresh and youthful as possible. Ditching clothes will keep your skin cool so that your body produces the proper amount of the hormones needed to prevent wrinkles, repair skin cells, and also give your skin that fresh glow.

5. More sexy time . . .

Whether you’re in a brand new relationship or have been with your partner for years, it can sometimes be hard for us to shut off when it comes to sleep. We’re a generation of tech-users, so come night time, we still find it hard to turn our phones off and focus on what’s around us. If you’re anything like me, you end up scrolling through social media as soon as you get into bed, which is a really bad habit. It makes you more alert, will affect your quality of sleep and will keep you awake longer. So, put those phones down an hour or two before you get into bed and take the time to really unwind. Read a book, meditate or partake in some downtime with your partner, to truly get a good night sleep.

When it comes to sleeping naked it promotes skin-to-skin contact and this itself can work to boost your sex life, keeping both you and your partner feeling happy and satisfied. And what better seduction than slipping into bed already naked? No tugging on bra straps and shimmying out of underwear. And when our skin comes into contact with another it releases oxytocin, otherwise known as that ‘feel good’ hormone. This will have you feeling more connected to your partner, and will increase the urge to be physical. Sex can  alleviate stress and even depression, so go have some fun under those bed sheets.

6. Burn fat & increase weight loss

You’ll probably be surprised to discover that sleeping with clothes on can actually have an impact on your weight. When you get hot and sweaty while sleeping your body doesn’t release as much human growth hormone, the same trigger used to repair cells. Instead, your cortisol levels remain high, which can send your body into ‘panic’ mode, causing it to store fat rather than burn it, making your metabolism less effective. High levels of cortisol during the night may also have you raiding the fridge for a snack or two and will likely draw you towards junk food.

Choosing to sleep without clothes will allow your body to remain at a much cooler temperature throughout the night.

7. Your vagina will thank you

Ugh, yeast infections and UTI’s. They make you feel pretty lousy so if there’s a chance you can prevent them just by sleeping naked why not try? Discarding your undies before going to sleep can help to reduce infections in the female genital area due to cooler conditions and a lower production of yeast.

Wearing tight underwear is also a huge contributor to painful UTI’s. Tight undies can cut off the air flow to your vaginal area, and therefore promote unhealthy sweating. But it’s not just women that will benefit from going naked. Listen up men! Sleeping naked will help to keep the testes cool, which can help keep sperm healthy and increase fertility.

sleep naked

8. Learn to love the skin you’re in

Body issues are something that has affected us all at some stage. There’s always something we’re not quite a fan of when we look in the mirror. And the thought of standing there naked? It’s enough to send a shiver down the spine. Well, sleeping naked can help you to overcome body issues. You’ll get used to how your body looks naked and will, after time, become happier with the way you look both clothed and unclothed.

Sleeping naked with your partner will also help to boost confidence. Watching the way he reacts to your body will give you a huge boost of self-esteem. Before long you’ll no longer give a second thought to what you look like naked, learning to love the skin you’re in.


Lora O'Brien

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