Getting your Beauty Rest? 8 Overnight Beauty Rituals To Infuse Beauty.


overnight beautyGenerally, I don’t feel I look ready for the day until I’ve had my morning cup of coffee and face moisturizer, foundation, lip gloss, and _________ (fill in the blank for whatever it is for you.)

Unfortunately, most of us wake up looking a little less than tip top. But what if you could apply products at night, and change your pre-sleep routine so that you wake up looking refreshed and aglow?

It’s possible. But you’ll need to put in a bit of time before bed. We’ve scoured through the most recent beauty research and product releases to deliver to you our favorite overnight beauty essentials.

Boost Your Lashes

Why not take some of the demand off of your mascara with naturally lush lashes? Try Jane Iredale’s PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner  before bed to help condition and nourish your lashes. You can also apply before mascara to lengthen and hold the curl. ($19)

Supplement Your Sleep

Turn away from the sleeping pills and try The Nue Co’s natural alternative. Made with valerian root and passionflower to induce calm, as well as chamomile to reduce anxiety, their sleep tincture can be added to any beverage (or taken straight under the tongue) to help you fall and stay asleep. ($75)

Rehydrate Your Skin

At night you want to turn to a multi-tasking cream/treatment that will help feed your skin, so that you wake up looking nourished. Herbivore’s Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment is plant-based and organic and is made with fruit enzymes that naturally resurface your skin as well as vegan Hyaluronic Acid to help fade age spots and fine lines. ($58)


Find a New Ritual

If you haven’t tried May Lindstrom skincare, you’re in for a new treat (and new obsession) when you do. This boutique skincare line based out of Los Angeles, has completely transformed how I take care of my skin. And if you’re looking for a line that will hydrate, smooth, correct and repair while you sleep, you’ll want to try their evening ritual (see below). If you only have time for one product, however, turn to The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm Concentrate. Made with organic and wild-harvested ingredients, this balm is enriched with shea butter, cacao seed butter, baobab oil, blue tansy, and fruit extracts to calm the skin, while the frankincense oil helps instill calm in the mind. ($180)


Slip Into a Mask

If you’re looking for some serious moisture, turn to Kerstin Florian’s Moisture Balm. Designed to be a mask, or an overnight treatment, this antioxidant-rich, and super-thick balm gives your skin a moisture surge. Pair it with one of their aromatherapy sprays (we love the rose water spray), and your skin and your senses will feel soothed. ($52)

Soften Fine Lines and Eliminate Bed-Head

The key to soft, wrinkle-free skin might just be in your bed. If you are a slide or belly sleeper, switching your pillowcase can have a profound effect on the look of your skin when you rise. (It also affects your hair!) Skip the wrinkles and bed head with a SlipSilk pillow case. Made using the finest silk, and free of toxic dyes, your skin and hair will thank you. (Plus they come in a multitude of colors and even prints!) ($79)

While you’re looking at your pillow, why not try a pillow spray designed to help you rest? This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is made with lavender, vetivert and chamomile to help relax your mind and set the tone for a good night’s sleep. ($29)

Mind Your Minerals

Magnesium is a natural relaxant and a wonderful way to boost your magnesium is with a topical balm (or bath). We love Prairie Bloom Body Care’s Body Butter made with apricot oil, shea butter, and magnesium brine that’s designed to feel both luscious and relaxing. Looking for a bath ritual? Kari Gran’s Bath Soak is made with lavender, Himalayan Sea Salt, and magnesium flakes from the Dead Sea. When its time to bathe, you combine a few tablespoons of the salt mixture with her signature lavender and jojoba bath oil, creating the perfect recipe for soft skin and relaxed muscles. ($28; Prairie Bloom; $58; Kari Gran)

Don’t Forget Your Body

Its not just our face that needs to rejuvenate at night, the skin on our body does as well. Turn to Sleep Plus Dream Body from This Works, which features ingredients to help de-age skin as well as promote a better night sleep. ($46 )

And for the Ultimate Evening Ritual, try May Lindstrom’s ritual of ecstasy:

Melissa, Editorial Director

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