Top Tips for Beautiful Skin From the Ayurvedic Experts



If you’ve been to a beauty counter at Sephora or even Whole Foods in the last year you’ve seen an increase in the number of lines rich in Ayurvedic oils.

A long cry from the previous emphasis on oil-free makeup and moisturizer. And while the oil-free is still available (and necessary for some), many lines are instead turning to more holistic ways to prevent wrinkles, plump skin and provide a youthful glow—and are turning to Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that is more than 5,000 years old. At the essence of Ayurveda, you’re looking at how you treat the individual as a whole versus individual parts. So when talking about your skin, an Ayurvedic physician will ask you about everything from your body temperature, your skin quality (dry/oily) and your diet to how often you use the restroom.

We chatted with several Ayurvedic skincare founders to uncover the essence of their balanced approach to nourishing the skin. Plus, we found our favorites. Read about those here.


Lisa Mattam, founder of Sahajan


  1. What is the first thing someone should do before starting an Ayurvedic skincare routine? Breathe.  I say that with a smile but what I mean is that no prior knowledge of Ayurveda is necessary to try our collection. Our mission is to support the wellness of our customers and community we encourage our customers to take a moment to themselves for their wellness and their mindfulness…
  2. What are your top tips for beauty using Ayurvedic practice? Ayurveda emphasizes that beauty is nurtured in all ways- beyond taking advantage of the wonderful plant based ingredients, I would say: 1) drink room temperature water with lemon in the morning- this helps to initiate the digestive system and detox  2) bathe in milk- in Ancient India, this was a privilege of Royalty- thanks to fats and lactic acid, you can enjoy both cleansing and softening (if you are vegan, try coconut milk).  3) sleep- I struggle with this the most- but a great diet combined with a commitment to sleep is the best beauty tip around.

Angela, founder of Jiva-Apoha



  1. What is the benefit of using oil? What kind? Here at Jiva-Apoha, we practice what we preach: “moisturize daily by applying oil after shower or bath” (and to use a generous amount) only increases the health benefits.In time, oiling daily changes energy, the seat of the eyes, skin appearance, and strengthens inner health.We’re in Kapha season, so I would suggest using (Parutka (Joints) Body, Thunderbird Body, 1967 Body, and our Sundara Handsome Face Oil) which all contain warming essentials.
  2. How does seasonal change affect skincare routines? In general it’s learning balance in all areas, working with the five elements (space, air, fire, earth, and water) to reduce any aggravations.Kapha season is damp and cool, so adding warming spices, foods, heating & invigorating oils to apply daily helps to pacify.



Melissa, Editorial Director

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