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Skin Blunders That Can Ruin Your Glow

You get regular facials, use your micro-dermabrasion products appropriately, and have the latest C cream gracing the shelves, but somehow your skin still looks red, ruddy, or wrinkled. No matter what you’re putting on your face, if you’re feeding your body poorly, your skin will show the wear. If your mother was like mine, she blamed greasy food for teenage breakouts, but if you’re breaking out as an adult and McDonalds isn’t part of your repertoire, you may not know where to turn.

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4 Vegetables Oils For Your Skin

Turns out cooking oils have a lot to offer us—both inside and out. As you start to prepare for summer and BBQing and lighter cooking, also add these vegetable oils to your skin care regimen…

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Customizable Skin Care To Suit Your Unique and Specific Needs

We’re super stoked over her at HL&S. We secretly have always wanted to create our own skincare line, but simply don’t have the time. Then, Subtle Green came along!!! This new luxury organic skincare line is made with fresh food-grade ingredients and void of harmful preservatives and chemical ingredients.

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5 Tips for Preventing and Repairing Sun Spots

LED light therapy is a non-invasive way to zap sun spots and brighten skin tone, Wong says. During a 30-minute session, LED red and near-infrared light pass through and “kick start” cells to rejuvenate skin. Overheating increases melanin activity, so cool down skin as soon as possible after sun exposure and exercise. A cold cloth or ice pack will do the trick, or try freezing toner in ice cube trays (one of last week’s tips for beating the heat).

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Ode to 100% Pure and Pink Grapefruits!

Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub smells like you’ve just sliced open a grapefruit. It’s the perfect treatment for dry or rough winter skin as it sloughs away dead skin while its fruit oils deeply moisturize. This treatment infuses rosehip, apricot and acai oils, in addition to the delicious and powerful grapefruit. With no harsh ingredients, synthetics, or artificial fragrances, this scrub is truly food for your skin.

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Winter Skin Woes? Check Your Fridge!

From your head to your toes, winter conditions are no fun for your skin. Not only does dry skin look unhealthy, it can be really uncomfortable, too. Did you know that everything you need to save your skin from winter is as close as your pantry or refrigerator?