Complexions Spa LEEDS The Way: Pampering With A Purpose


The philosophy of Complexions Spa, tucked away in Saratoga, NY. is “Pamper with a Purpose”. Denise Dubois, the owner, is passionate about educating clients on the importance of wellness and balance for the whole body. Not only does Complexions offer top quality, 100% organic and natural products and experiences, it is also the first LEED-certified spa in the country reaching gold level for new construction. I love a company that not only cares about what they offer clients inside the establishment, but also the importance of providing a space that is a “clean building with a reduced carbon footprint”.
Denise Dubois shares more here on on a cutting-edge Aroma Custom Design Bar built into the spa program as well as those things that really make this spa shine …


Denise Dubois, principal of Complexions Spa and Salon and client of Wilber National Bank's Halfmoon, NY branch.

  • What Is it about Complexions that makes you stand out and really shine a in a spa-saturated environment?

Complexions is unique because we are the first LEED-certified spa in the country to reach gold level for new construction. The foundation of our mission is to perform the most beneficial, results-oriented services using the finest, 100% natural and organic products.  These products need to be clean and free of parabens, sulfates, preservatives, artificial chemicals etc.  We also feel that we need to perform these procedures in an environment that supports that philosophy by being a clean building with a reduced carbon foot print. We do this for our employees, our clients and for the environment. We are also unique because of our traditional spa and salon offerings are combined with state-of-the-art med spa treatments which generate ideal results. We’ve been open for 29 years, have won numerous awards and have many experienced professionals on our team.

  • Can you elaborate a bit on your company philosophy and what it means to you?

That’s actually an easy one… Pamper with a Purpose! (Which we trademarked) All the services we offer have a purpose toward wellness. We don’t offer anything without a result-oriented outcome. Our philosophy takes all the services we offer and steers the reader toward the health benefits of the treatments.

  • You recently launched an aromatherapy bar in your spas, which gives guests the opportunity to create their own unique essential oil blends. Can you share how this works and what led you to offer this to your clients?               

Each year, I evaluate the service offerings we have on our menu along with ways we can enhance our guests’ experience. I always want something that is unique and can’t easily be duplicated. So creating a distinctly memorable experience was the goal I was looking to achieve.  The Aroma Custom Design Bar is a system that allows our guests the opportunity to create hundreds of delightful, therapeutic-grade aromatherapy blends for personal use or use during their spa treatment. The Aroma Design Bar experience comes to life through the aid of an iPad app. This simple, fun and educational experience allows guests to explore, choose and create literally thousands of aromatherapy blends. They can relax and enjoy knowing that whatever they create will be both effective and enticing, because the process is guided by the expertise of a master aroma therapist.


Once a guest completes the guided series of questions and creates their custom blend, they have two options: The product can be made for use during their selected service that day, or we can make a custom-blended product to take home for their personal use.

  • Can you tell me the benefit a client would have in creating their own essential oil blend?  How would it enhance their spa experience?  

The main benefit for any client is that they get exactly what appeals to them that day.  Essential oils have a powerful, beneficial impact, both on the mind and body.  They also carry subtle messages that speak to the core of our being. Guests are invited to enter one of four different pathways with a series of questions, to narrow down their desired outcome. They may want to address a specific ailment, or treat a specific condition, or maybe they opt to build a specific scent profile to connect with their personality or the mood they wish to enhance.  This gives the guest total control of their desired outcome at home or during their spa service.  It is completely customized and is an individual approach rather than a cookie-cutter treatment.

  • Do you feel essential oils are beneficial to one’s health and wellness?  If so, in what way?

Yes, absolutely! Essential oils do great, beautiful things to our minds and bodies, and the fact that they are a natural approach to healing oneself? Well, that just makes it even better. In my opinion, essential oils are just another way nature is there to take care of us, inside and out.  I use essential oils for scalp treatments, in my facial mists and serums, I use them in body scrubs, bath salts and in body creams.  I also diffuse them or put them on my pillow at night for inhalation at bed time.  The possibilities and uses are truly endless!

  • Most popular treatment?

One of our most popular treatments is called a “Forest Bathing Massage.” The Japanese tradition of Shinrin-Yoku (literally Forest Air Bathing) involves spending time in the forest for the health benefits this can bring: increased immune function, reduced stress levels and lower blood pressure. This massage recreates the forest in your treatment room and includes flowing massage, light joint release techniques, stretching movements to open joints and loosen muscles and hot towel compresses protecting the lungs and stimulating immunity.  It begins with aromatherapy inhalation and salve ointment in the steam room, which is just pure luxury.


  • I would love to know who inspires you.

I go to many different business conferences, because I always love to hear successful speakers and great leaders and find out what makes them tick.   One of my favorites is Simon Sinek because core to his message is understanding our “WHY.” The “WHAT” we do, is our job description, “HOW” we do it, is our process, but “WHY” we do it, is our passion. Many people lose sight of why they do what they, but I understand that when we stay focused on our “why” we will be successful leaders and lead more contented lives. And honestly, I truly believe that.  We all need to know the power of why and what ours is, because that’s an essential truth that’s specific to us.  I also get inspired by my great clients and my dedicated team, as they’re always open to feedback and coaching. When they work hard, grow and do well, it motivates me to do more for them.

Abby xx


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