Buon Appetito Around The Globe: 10 Top Foodie Getaways




As the general public is placing major attention on healthy eating, the proliferation of information about food science, nutrition and diet has increased the request for culinary classes that teach the art of preparing, cooking and presenting what we eat.

Food thus becomes pleasant for the palate and the eye. These 10 exclusive wellness properties with class act culinary classes are coupling a relaxing holiday with learning how to become a top-notch chef:

1 The Lodge at Woodloch

If you take a ride 95 miles from New York City, heading to The Lodge at Woodloch Spa Resort, you will find a place that embraces a philosophy of personal awakening. When it comes to cuisine, The Lodge’s Tree Restaurant and Bar offers a diverse menu created by a team of chefs who select naturally-raised meats, fish, organic, and locally grown vegetables. You may learn the secrets of fine cooking with their culinary courses, in The Lodge’s a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen, that invites you to enjoy special cooking and baking presentations. In these classes led by Executive Chef Josh Tomson., you will learn new cooking techniques, healthy and surprising ingredient alternatives, and elegant and fun presentation skills.

1The Lodge at Woodloch -- A Destination Spa 1The Lodge at Woodloch -- A Destination Spa2

2 CusinArt Golf Resort & Spa

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa,part of the Leading Hotels of the World,is  located on the enchanting island of Anguilla. This is the utmost dream for foodies who wish to learn the art of cooking, while residing in a ritzy retreat set in the Eastern Caribbean’s Leeward Islands. The selection of courses varies from food for thought cooking, to Japanese cuisine,  to the tossing your own pizzas. You will have the chance to master a variety of gastronomical techniques and pair classy wine tastings to complete your dining preparation.

2CusinArt 2CusinArt2


3 The Essex Resort & Spa

The Essex Resort & Spa is by far one of the most alluring culinary academies as it is nestled at the foot of the Green Mountains in the scenic Lake Champlain Valley. In between classes, you may take advantage of the Vermont scene to go skiing, golfing, boating, shopping, hot-air ballooning or hiking. The resort’s cooking class program gives you a chance to work with renowned chefs in a cozy environment, giving you the opportunity to have a hands-on culinary experience where you can enjoy learning a new modus operandi or enhance your cooking know-how. And if you have a four-legged friend, you may bring him along and accommodate him in the pet-friendly room, while you finish your lesson.

3The Essex 3The Essex2


4 Castel Monastero

When people are asked to pick the country with the best food in the world, the most common and immediate answer is Italy. The boot-shaped land is famous for its varied, exquisite cuisine, that changes from region to region and from one neighboring town to the next. Seafood, meat, pasta, greens, there are choices for all palates. Tuscany is one of the most popular destination for travelers and food lovers alike and near Siena, in the heart of Chianti, there sits in all it’s glory, a beautifully restored castle that provides gourmet dining and cooking courses. At Castel Monastero, stellar chef Gordon Ramsay and the Resident Chef Stylianos Sakalis, have come up with a program that explores the true essence of Italian cuisine, highlighting the finest dishes and freshest ingredients from the region.

4Castel Monastero 4Castel Monastero2


Les Sources de Caudal

Another European country that is a synonym for delicious cuisine: France. Perhaps one of the best locations to apprehend l’art de vivre among the vineyards of Château Smith Haut Lafitte. Here you will discover Les Sources de Caudal, established by Alice and Jérôme Tourbier ten years ago. The name represents the ontology of healthy living and according to the French Paradox Study, the diet and lifestyle of this land is very conducive to good health. It is thus a privilege to learn from Chef Nicolas Masse when you will spend two hours learning how to prepare a dish featuring a particular product or theme. All  in this grand setting which epitomizes refinement and authenticity. To top it off, the pastry chef at Grand’Vigne, will show you how to concoct delectable, unusual desserts. Indeed you can joyfully say, Bon Appétit!

5les-sources-de-caudalie-cours-cuisine-4 5les-sources-de-caudalie-cours-cuisine-3


6 Haritha Ayurveda Rishikesh

Ayurveda Yoga Meditation Resort Retreat Center in Rishikesh, gives you an excellent excuse to travel all the way to India, the land of spiritual healing. In this exceptional center, they value the importance of healthy living in the form of Ayurvedic solutions. Ahara is the section that uses this discipline to achieve a salubrious lifestyle through food. Bad nutrition is the cause for contemporary diseases such as Diabetes, arthritis, asthma, obesity, hypertension, spondylitis, piles, and skin problem. In this meditation resort, a seven day course will impart the valuable connaissance that surrounds Ayurvedic Cooking. You will learn about biological toxins, how these connect mind and body, and the art behind preparing Ayurvedic recipes and a Yogic diet for each body constitution. Namaste.


6Haritha Ayurveda Rishikesh 6Haritha Ayurveda Rishikesh2


7 Lake Austin Spa Resort

Cuisine Executive Chef Stéphane Beaucamp brings French influences to the local cuisine of Texas. The Lake Austin Spa Resort gives you the chance of learn proper cooking from the cream of the crop. Award-winning chefs and other experts engage in informative, creative and fun  program to create a menu that utilizes fresh herbs and vegetables from its on-site organic gardens. You will channel your inner chef whilst you nourish your mind and body with the suggested recipes that incorporate all aspects of nutrition.

7Lake Austin Spa 7Lake Austin Spa2


8 Rancho La Puerta 

Rancho La Puerta began as a family-owned  campsite created in 1940 by Edmond Szekely and his young wife Deborah, who today is over 90 years old and full of vim and vigor! Ever since its conception, this magical place has been the Mecca of healthy lifestyle and nutrition, protected by the chemical-free environment. Over the course of the decades, the Ranch has updated according to modern trends but remains true to its mission: maintaining their oasis of sustainable living. It’s no wonder the organic farming and cooking school are voraciously popular among vegetarians and vegans. The Ranch’s diet is lacto-ovo vegetarian and honors the cultural heritage of Mexico with an international twist. The main attraction of this venue, La Cocina Que Canta (“The Kitchen That Sings”), celebrates the magical results of cooking with just-picked organic ingredient.  Visitors are taught a variety of techniques, while hosting internationally renowned guest chefs and cookbook authors such as Deborah Madison, John Ash and Patricia Wells.

8Rancho La Puerta 8Rancho La Puerta2


9 Mansion on Forsyth Park

While enjoying Southern Luxury in a Kessler Collection boutique property, you will  learn the secrets of fine cooking. At the Mansion on Forsyth Park, you craft your own gourmet cuisine in Savannah’s most recognized and iconic hotel. Whether you are already talented behind the stove or a complete novice, the Forsyth Park’s 700 Kitchen Cooking School shapes every participant to create a scrumptious meal. Chef Peter Russo, at the helm, oversees a variety of interactive programs in a stupendous cook’s room. He will guide you in the making of hors d’oeuvres, Italian cuisine and Caribbean pleasures, with in-depth discussion and explanation of culinary techniques and simple tricks that make cooking a very approachable form of creativity.

9Mansion on Forsyth Park 9Mansion on Forsyth Park2


10 Trout Point Lodge Nova Scotia

In Canada, we found a property that offers the experience of a nature retreat while refining your skills as gourmet chef. The Trout Point Lodge offers luxury adventure travel and ecotourism vacations in the heart of the Tobeatic Wilderness in southwestern Nova Scotia. Rated among the top worldwide foodie getaways, this lodge allows you to train thoroughly in seafood cooking. In the Monogram kitchen, Chefs Charles L. Leary, and Vaughn J. Perret organize and teach all Culinary & Cooking Vacations. These two Chefs are the critically acclaimed authors of Trout Point Lodge Cookbook: Creole Cuisine from New Orleans to Nova Scotia and contributors to 85 Inspirational Chefs and Chefs at Home.

10Trout Point Lodge Nova Scotia 10Trout Point Lodge Nova Scotia2

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