From The Nuns’ Former Cloister To An Experiential Wellness Retreat


Wellness RetreatAugustine of Hippo was an early Christian theologian and philosopher who attempted to coalesce the contemplative attitude with life’s practical necessities. Along these lines, Le Monastère des Augustines, located in the heart of Old Québec, was sensitively restored and redesigned to provide guests with a unique wellness retreat experience that connects the Augustinian Sisters’ remarkable heritage with a secular environment.

Wellness RetreatThe spiritual wellness retreat occupies the historic wings of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, that dates back to and was the birthplace of the first hospital on the continent north of Mexico. The transformation of the nuns’ former cloister into an experiential accommodation, offers a peaceful oasis that nourishes the inner life.

Wellness Retreat Wellness Retreat Wellness RetreatThirty-three authentic rooms have been renovated in the spirit of monasticism. You may choose between the contemporary room or the authentic room, which is a former cell filled with antique furniture and restored to modern standards of comfort. Furthermore, the wellness retreat program offered by Le Monastère des Augustines encompasses a broad range of innovative activities from workshops to lectures, from concerts to participatory cultural activities of all sorts.

Wellness Retreat Wellness Retreat Wellness RetreatEverything takes place surrounded by holistic health and culture, within an authentic and inspiring setting. As you nourish your soul you also rejuvenate your body with healthy cuisine as the menu of the monastery’s restaurant is based on the principles of mindful eating. You’ll find dishes with health benefits that are proven by ancestral traditions with the most recent nutritional research. Vegetarian dishes, fish, poultry and meat are all sourced locally. The organic range of food accommodates seasonal ingredients, in harmony with the principles of sustainable development.

Wellness Retreat Wellness RetreatTo further delve into the history of this extraordinary mystical venue you may explore the Archives Centre - with one linear kilometer of documents and rare ancient books - or roam around the museum’s permanent exhibit. Here, visitors may trace the development of medical thought and practice, along with the history of the Augustinian Sisters and their contribution to the establishment of Quebec’s current health care system. Over the course of nearly four centuries, the Augustinian Sisters collected 40,000 objects, that include medical and pharmaceutical apparatus, works of art, artifacts of everyday life and traditional craftsmanship.

Wellness Retreat Wellness RetreatLe Monastère des Augustines provides an exceptional opportunity to feed your senses and nourish your soul, while supporting a noble cause. In fact, the monastery-retreat, as a non-profit organization, has the mission to make the Augustinian Sisters’ heritage accessible to all and to give support to those who care for others. Caregivers and companions, as well as workers and volunteers from the health and social services communities, may benefit from the lodging programs, resources, and activities that provide support, and are administered in cooperation with La Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines.

Wellness RetreatThe inspirational legacy of a pioneering community thrives through its cultural and social vocation. At Le Monastère des Augustines you will be inspired by the fervor and compassion that motivated the sisters, as it has been revised in a spiritual, non-religious manner. Thus, visitors of all cultures and spiritual horizons get the chance to live a unique experience of journeying toward wellness, through the heritage of the Augustinian Sisters, in an enabling place of hospitality, memory, rest and renewal.

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