Feeling Uninspired? Blame Your Office.


Feeling Uninspired Feeling Uninspired

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Melissa Wiliams, Freelance Writer | Co-Owner, Yoga Junction

Your lack of motivation and malaise may have more to do with your office space than your work itself. In fact, many companies are now sending their employees home to work in the hopes that their home environment might provide a bit more incentive.

Whether you work from home or are in an office environment, there are 6 things you should try to incorporate into your space to not only make your office prettier and more feng shui but also healthier and more motivational.

1. Personalize your space. Add pictures, drawings from your kids, plants. Anything that makes you feel like its yours will make you want to be there (at least be there more).

2. Ditch the grey. Grey is very relaxing, not really what you need at work. Green is supposed to help with balance, while yellow increases creativity. Blue is thought to stimulate thoughts. Think about your work environment and what you really need. And then maybe add a bit of color here and there to help create the environment you really need.

3. Art. Art is healing. Art is calming. Art is inspiring. Enough said.

4. Add something living. A plant is the easiest option here, but you could add a fish tank or take your dog to work (if its allowed). Living things help create a sense of happiness.

5. Add some variety. Just like your home isn’t monotonous, your work space shouldn’t be either. Especially when you consider how much time you spend working. Add some variety with areas for specific tasks.

6. Bring in the exercise. Bring your yoga mat to work or a balance ball. Or add a resistance band or even some light weights. Set them up in the corner so that you can easily pick them up or practice when you’re feeling less-than-inspired. Just five minutes of exercise can increase your motivation.

7. Look at your noise level. Workers in who work in open environments experience more noise, which can create distraction. Really, it depends on the type of work you do. If you brainstorm and work in groups, a group environment is best. If you’re a writer, like myself, however, you want quiet and a space that lets you speak your thoughts out loud, without someone next to you responding.

8. Let the light in! Lack of daytime light creates sleep disturbances at night, resulting in fatigue the following day. Try to keep your rhythms in check by orienting your desk near a window. Can’t get the window view? Head outside a few times every day. In addition, natural light has been linked to improved productivity. Again, look to the windows and keep your space lit by as much natural light as possible.

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