Green your smoothie!


You know how much we at HL&S love smoothies. And last week, we told you how to sneak extra fiber into your diet by blending wheat bran into a fruit smoothie.

Last night, one of our staff member’s father told us another way to sneak a helping of fiber into a smoothie: by greening it!

Yes, it may sound appalling, but adding a small helping of collard greens to a fruit smoothie goes a long way in helping you get the vegetable servings you need in any given day. And though it turns a bright green color, it’s actually really great for you and has a very subtle taste. Throw in a little honey if the smoothie isn’t sweet enough for you, though the fruit should take care of that on its own. Peanut butter usually does the trick as well.

You can also start experimenting with other greens – avocados, kale, you name it!

Green your smoothie

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