Heal Your Hands at Home: 9 ‘Hand’y Products For Your Repertoire


You may be able to combat winter’s cold with cozy cashmere sweaters and hot cocoa.¬†And though gloves can shield your hands from frost, the skin beneath the warm wool may still be suffering. Thankfully, you don’t need to schedule a weekly trip to the manicurist to care for your tender hands. You can heal your hands at home. Here’s how:

Akhassa’s Varada Hand Therapy Gift Set, including the Jasmine Rice Hand Scrub and Jasmine Hand Cream, is inspired by the Varada mudra, the Buddhist hand position signifying charity and compassion. Soothing jasmine is combined with the powerful antioxidant properties of rice bran to cleanse, calm, and nourish the hands. www.akhassa.com

Therapy Systems’ Protective Hand Treatment/AM contains Aspen tree bark extract, which is rich in salicin, a molecule that creates an aspirin-like effect when applied topically. Salicin has also been used by Native Americans to heal burns and treat skin problems like eczema. www.therapysystems.com

Dashing Diva Cuticle Nectar tends to the nails with orange-scented oil that nourishes the cuticles and encourages nail growth. No one wants dry brittle nails. This Dashing Diva nectar moisturizes and conditions nails and cuticles so they are healthy and strong again. www.dashingdiva.com

Creative Nail Spa Manicure Mini Tote will save you a trip to your manicurist. The carry-all bag is stuffed will exfoliating crystals, crystal activator, finishing lotion, and nail polish, perfect for a luxurious manicure at home. www.creativenail.com

PerfectSense Paraffin has gone beyond the spa, creating disposable gloves that you can use at home for a fast healing dose of hydration and damage repair. The RedRock Detox paraffin blend is infused with Arizona red clay and Romanian green silt to pull toxins out of your skin. www.sparevolutions.com

Ole Henriksen’s Hands Forward (with SPF 15) uses kojic acid to naturally help balance uneven skin tone while simultaneously sheltering the skin and protecting it from future damage. www.olehenriksen.com

Carol’s Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure in a Jar is a salt scrub exfoliant, shea butter moisturizer, and ginger and lemon mental rejuvenator all in one little sweet-smelling pot! www.carolsdaughter.com

ReVive’s Extraordinaire Hand Renewal Cream heals and protects hands from the signs of aging. Glycolic acidsexfoliate, hydroquinone (an organic bleaching compound) helps fade age spots, retinol (a form of vitamin A) strengthens delicate skin while helping it to regain some resiliency, and SPF 15 helps shield the skin from sun’s harmful rays. www.reviveskincare.com

Max Green Alchemy Skin Rescue Cream is an antioxidant and vitamin-enriched, anti-bacterial, anti-itching cream that soothes itchy, flaky, and sensitive skin without the use of steroids, petrochemicals, GMOs, or lanolin. In fact, it is certified vegan and cruelty-free! It’s also great to relieve the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. www.maxgreenalchemy.com

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