Rx for Summer Skin


Rx for Summer Skin

Parched is the word at least, one that epitomizes surf and sun worshippers who frequent the Hibiscus Spa at Grand Cayman’s Westin Casuarina. “The majority of our guests arrive with dry, dehydrated skin” says Fleur Coleman, director of the 7000-square-foot facility located along renowned Seven Mile Beach.

Indeed, many visitors stroll in directly from their cabanas, trading their bikini and beach towel for a robe and pair of slippers. The most popular prescription for ailing skin is the Papaya Scrub, a soothing tropical smoother for those overexposed to sand, salt, and sunlight.

The treatment takes place in an azure-tiled hydrotherapy room, where a therapist gently exfoliates the skin with a proprietary blend of pureed pineapple and papaya, citrus and aromatherapy oils, and micronized rice grains. These ingredients, hand-blended on-site, both detoxify the body and balance out patchy pigmentation caused by tanning.

Once the scrub has sloughed away the dead skin cells, six Vichy showerheads cascade warm water from above, rinsing away both the scrub and any remaining tension. Just before the treatment is complete an unscented hydrating balm is applied over the entire body, sealing in moisture and revealing healthy skin that’s both supple and sun-kissed. For more information call (345) 945-3800 or visit www.westin.com.

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