Mayan Temple Journey Transcends Product Lines


Mayan Temple Journey Transcends Product Lines

“Often spas are led by product lines” says Annie Appel, marketing director at Claremont Resort & Spa in Berkeley, California. “You get dictated by these companies if you’re not careful.” With the help of Efleda Viray, a massage therapist who grew up in the Philippines, the Claremont has developed a new line of treatments that Appel laughingly calls “grocery store driven” The Mayan Journey is a client favorite: Natural desert sage and juniper provide a soothing aroma in the pre-treatment bath soak; blue corn and rice powder offer an invigorating exfoliation; avocado mousse, a cactus glaze, and fresh lemon give a tantalizing tingle to the body wash; and warm avocado pits serve as a surprising deep-tissue tool for the full-body massage. With products that go back to the source, the Claremont Spa has brought clients back to their senses. For more information call (800) 551-7266 or visit

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