Himalayan Salt To The Rescue!


Whether you are looking for a beauty boost, or an internal cleanse, salt has the answer. Use these different salts and healing modalities to help support your wellness lifestyle, inside and out.

Himalayan Pink Salt-

Filled with trace elements and minerals, Himalayan Pink Salts have a reputation for being one of the “purest” salts available. Prepare a brine mixture called “sole” which is Himalyan Pink Salts and spring water. Drinking this mixture daily or bathing in it is said to have a variety of benefits including: clearing toxins, balancing PH and protecting the body from gall and kidney stones.

Celtic Sea Salt-

Taken internally it adds iodine to the diet and helps balance electrolites. Used in the bath, Celtic Sea Salts detoxifies and softens the skin.

Epsom Salts-

The magnesium in Epsom (or mineral salts) helps to ease muscular aches, pains and strains, making it the perfect addition to a post workout bath. Taken internally, Epsom salts are a natural laxative, promoting digestion and detoxification. Epsom salts are even great for your roses, apply a pound to each plant in January for a great fertilizer.

Resource Guide

Neti Pot: Invest in a Neti Pot and keep your sinuses and allergies at bay by rinsing with a Himalayan salt and distilled water mix.

Salt Lamps and Inhalers: Salt Lamps work like an air purifier, removing bacteria, dust, allergens, smoke, odors and mold spores from the air we breathe and emit no noise, odors or HARMFUL OZONE contaminates.

Every breath of salty air you take, every precious microelement of salt you inhale in the salt cave is a bit of an irreplaceable, natural therapy beneficial for many health conditions. With the help of a salt generator device and tons of Himalayan crystal salt, these caves are able to recreate the very special, healing microclimate of the ancient underground salt caves.

Healing Salt Caves:
Asheville Salt Therapy Cave & Salt Spa Asheville Salt Therapy Cave & Salt Spa,
Salt Cave Santa Barbara Salt Cave Santa Barbara,
Williamsburg Salt Spa Williamsburg Salt Spa.

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