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Spa lovers who wish to try a remineralizing spa treatment are spoiled for choice. Nearly every spa menu has treatments containing mineral-rich muds, seaweed, or salt. Many of our favorites have a creative twist, offering a blend of complementary ingredients, using them in a unique fashion, or performing the treatment in a special setting. Here are just a few of our favorites:

At Sense, a Rosewood Spa at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park, California, guests opting for the Earth Serenity Treatment can choose from three different muds. The first option, Hungarian moor mud, comes from mineral-rich thermal waters. The treatment begins with a full body scrub with mineral-packed sea salt. A mud mask, applied by hand to the body, draws out impurities from the skin. Finally, the guest receives a full-body massage with oil containing lipid-boosting geranium, sage, and virgin prunus oils.

The second option is based on algae-rich marine mud. Following a salt scrub, the guest receives a body mask with black algae, marine silt, and pure fig extract to nourish, soften, and exfoliate. The final step, a full body massage with a red algae-based lotion, gives an extra boost of marine minerals.

The third option utilizes red clay from Sedona, Arizona, and laminaria algae, which is rich in beta-carotenes and antioxidants. Again, the therapy begins with a scrub, moves to a mud wrap, and finishes with a full-body massage. All the while, the earthy aromas of the Southwest invigorate the body and senses.

At the Spa at Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley, California, a mixture of pure, soothing aloe vera oil is combined with the salt for an invigorating Salt-Glow massage. First, the therapist mixes a few ounces of Himalayan salts with pure, soothing aloe vera oil. The therapist works in long, brisk strokes to invigorate the skin and “wake up” the body, paying special attention to any areas needed. The melt-away texture of the salt stimulates the skin, while the oil moisturizes for a silky glow. After the treatment, guests are given a pleasant-tasting saltwater drink to remineralize the body from the inside. She is then encouraged to spend some time in the eucalyptus steam room in order to sweat out any toxins and enable the minerals from the salt to further penetrate the skin.

“This is a great pick-me-up treatment,” says Chris Hilburn, the Spa Director at The Spa at Bernardus Lodge. “Instead of having a double espresso, our guests pop into the spa for a Salt-Glow Massage and a steam. Then onto the next adventure!”

The unique Elemental Journey Body Treatment at the Mineral Resort & Spa at Crystal Springs is a couples’ treatment that begins in a private room, where guests receive side-by-side back and neck massages. The therapists use a salt-rich body polish to exfoliate and detoxify the skin. The couple moves to a capacious soaking tub, where cascading waterfalls massage their back and neck and swirling mineral waters replenish and condition the skin. Therapists then apply a mineral-rich treatment mud to each guest, and the couple relaxes in the wet-treatment sanctuary, enhanced with moisturizing steam and gentle rain showers. To finish, the couple is rinsed with natural washes, and therapists apply a mineral-rich emollient to the skin.

The Outdoor Remineralizing Salt Wrap at Miraval is performed in an outdoor spa treatment area, where the earthy scents and gentle breezes of the Arizona desert help to create a uniquely relaxing environment. After consulting with the guest about her preferences, the therapist custom blends mineral salts and essential oils to create a formulation to suit her needs. The therapist then applies the salt blend, exfoliating the skin and restoring vitality. After the guest rinses off, the therapist massages her with a blend of organic oils and remineralizing cream before wrapping her body in warm towels to promote hydration. While she is wrapped, the therapist performs a scalp massage and applies an aloe face mask, followed by a softening and relaxing foot treatment.

Certainly after experiencing the Lift & Firm Facial at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa my skin looked brighter and had a wonderful glow, thanks to mineral-rich skin products containing algae and real pearl. But this 100-minute treatment includes such strong components of massage and lymphatic drainage, it is perhaps more accurately described as a whole-body therapy.

First, the face is exfoliated with crushed sunflower seeds that have been marinated for 18 months in thyme, lemon, and clove. The resulting mixture is especially effective at pulling toxins out of the skin, which is why extractions are not performed. Next, a lifting massage incorporates effleurage strokes with lymphatic drainage techniques along the neck and chest areas. The skin of the face is gently misted with a mineral-rich algae hydrator, and nourished with a potent anti-aging cr¨me made with crushed pearl. The neck, arms, shoulders, feet, and legs are treated to a lengthy and relaxing massage, while dehydrated locks are steeped in a special scalp oil made with hazelnut and vitamins A and E. Warm towels placed all over the body and on the head and face allow the oils to penetrate deeply, while intensive, mineral-rich masques for the lip and eye soften fine lines. By treatments end, my brow had finally unfurrowed, and felt as smooth as a trip to the beach.

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