Rise & Shine Ritual: 3 Morning Health Tips To Do Before You Get Out Of Bed


Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. Whether from lack of sleep, loss of motivation or the dread of going to work. Here are 3 easy-to-implement tips from Sadhguru that will help jump start your day, before you put one foot on the floor in the morning

1. Just Smile!

“When you get up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile. At whom? No one; smile, because just the fact that you woke up is not a small thing. So many people who slept last night did not wake up today, but you woke up. Isn’t it great?

So smile. Then look around and if there is someone, smile at them.

For so many people, someone dear to them did not wake up today. Everyone who is dear to you woke up – wow! Appreciate it and smile. You may think this is ridiculous but you will know the reality of it when someone dear to you doesn’t wake up. Don’t wait till then to realise the value of it.

Learn to look at a few people lovingly.”

2. Rub Your Palms Together and Place Them on Your Eyes.

“Ancient wisdom tells you that before you get up in the morning, you must rub your hands together and place your palms upon your eyes. The scientific reason being that there is a heavy concentration of nerve endings in your hands. If you rub your palms together, all the nerve endings are activated and the system awakens immediately. When you wake up in the morning and still feel sleepy and drowsy, just do this and see, everything comes awake.

Instantly, a whole range of nerves connected with your eyes and other aspects of your senses, awaken. Before you move your body, your body and brain should be active. You shouldn’t get up without thinking – that’s the idea.”

3. Roll Over Onto Your Right Side.

“Our culture also says that after waking up, you must roll to your right side and then get out of bed. When your body is in a certain state of relaxation, its metabolic activity is slow. When you get up, there is a certain surge of activity. At a lower level of metabolic activity, if you suddenly roll to your left, you will put pressure upon your cardiac system.” Who knew!

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Bess OConnor

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