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We’ve mentioned several times the need for fresh air throughout your day to boost both your mood and your productivity, but did you know that adding a bit of green via plants in your office space can not only make you feel happier, but also boost your productivity? In a recent study in the UK, researchers found that office plants helped boost quality of life and productivity of workers. In addition it also improves air quality and emotional outlook.

So whether you work from home or work in the office, adding a bit of green to your space can make everyone feel better about their commitment to work. We recommend these 5 plants, which not only increase productivity, boost mood, and decrease stress, but also help to reduce chemicals in the area, including formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia.

Try adding these beautiful green plants to your work space to boost your mood and your productivity. No more mid-afternoon lattes!

  1. English Ivy: This green climber needs space to climb. But it does wonders for work-space air quality.
  2. Mums: If you prefer a bit of color with your green, choose annual chrysanthemum’s, which will bloom for approximately 1 ½ months each fall. Be sure to find an organic version as most flowers are heavily sprayed with chemicals otherwise.
  3. Peace Lily: One of my favorite plants as it has imbues a feeling of tranquility, peace lily is also quite easy to grow. It prefers slight shade and occasional misting.
  4. Philodendron: With its deep green leaves, philodendron helps remove toxins from the air.
  5. Snake Plant: Easy to grow, this plant is for the novice planter as it requires a bit less effort.

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Melissa, Editorial Director

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