One-Week Wellness Plan : 7 Stress Relief Tricks To Try Today


Let’s get down to business on the topic of stress relief and what you can do about the stress that seems to have set up shop in your body and mind.

What if you could pick and choose which stress to have? You can.

We as a collective have the brainpower to choose how we live. Each of our paths encounter stress and stressors; Stressors are the troublesome or trivial things we allow under our skin each day, and stress is the pressure that is put on us to make things happen. Stress is pressure, strain, and tension until we create ways to maneuver through and beyond it. From an optimistic viewpoint, stress can be turned into a positive that motivates us to move forward in life.

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Think of it like a ripple effect, when we don’t eliminate the current stress via stress relief, and allow it to build internally, it then makes the nonstressful situations stressful. This happens because our essential and nonessential functions slow down and become weak, thus allowing stress to attack. Thankfully, simple acts can bring happiness to our hearts that provides the power of change.

Here is a One Week Wellness Plan to Relieve Stress on a Daily Basis:

  • Go for a jog without any devices: Connect with true nature absorbing all the sounds happening around you. Allow your focus to drift off into the trees or water noticing the color, smell, and sounds of the natural elements. Nature serves far beyond activity and social environments, it’s also about feeding your soul and mental health.
  • Give yourself a mini-facial, every night: Before bed, when the house is calm … slip away into your bathroom and start pampering. Our exterior is the point in which we communicate with others, in some way or another we are conscientious of how this appears. Knowing that our face feels and looks radiant will boost our confidence and can psychologically make us feel positive. Detoxify with a scrub, double cleanse with hot towels, tend to your teeth, and calm or treat blemishes with essential oils. By the time you leave that room it’s guaranteed your tension will have subsided.
  • Take your home workspace into a different setting: Be it a different part of your house with an outside view, out of your home and into a park, coffee shop with views, a clubhouse, etc. Studies show that dorm residents with more natural views from their windows would score better than those with less natural views on tests. Testing or not, it’s proven to increase brain power! For more inspiration on changing your workspace, take a look at these ideas.
  • Drink Matcha Green Tea 3 times a week: The incredible detoxifying antioxidant powerhouse that has 137 times a number of antioxidants than found in one cup of regular green tea. It’s a metabolism booster, lowers blood sugar, provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium, and chlorophyll. Incorporating this drink into your diet can drastically change your mood, creating a stronger immune system while supporting weight loss.  More on Matcha to boost your energy

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  • Write an old fashioned letter: Send it off to a friend or family. Thank someone for an act of kindness they did for you, or articulate how you are grateful for something. On the flip side of things, write your way through wounds. Express to your friend/family or even yourself how you’re feeling while utilizing this as a way of being heard and to heal. Studies have shown that writing about trauma can increase sleep and decrease anxiety for those who are emotionally open.
  • Reorganize and jam out to your favorite music: Get a good deep clean in once a week. Re-organizing or cleaning is therapeutic; It’s called Feng Shui and the benefits occur psychologically and energetically. Reducing clutter in your home will reduce clutter in your mind. Based on your Feng Shui element, a house will either empower you or deplete your life force energy. If you can’t add items to your space, make the best of your space by allowing it to naturally energize. Combine that with your favorite nostalgic feel good tunes and come out feeling accomplished, organized, productive, and less stressed.
  • Sleep In: Allow yourself to oversleep once or twice a week to catch up and revive your mental and physical state. Adequate sleep is an essential key to a healthy lifestyle that will benefit your functioning organs. Don’t feel guilty, or lazy – sleep improves our quality of life, lessens anxiety, and reduces headaches. Escape from the hustle bustle life now and then.
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