Women Who Plant Program in Kenscoff, Haiti


In Partnership with Earth Givers and To Honor Mothers in Haiti, mōksa organics will be donating $1 from every purchase to Women Who Plant program Through May 6 + Free 1 Pound Soap Bundle for orders over $25

mōksa organics is a handcrafted bath and body company based in Gainesville, Florida. They pride themselves in making sustainable and organic bath and skincare products and aromatherapy candles for those who want chemical-free products. Earth Givers works directly with Wynne Farm Ecological Reserve to help women in Kenskoff, Haiti grow food while reforesting the local landscape and empowering the women as educators.

The project involves 100 women who have gathered to plant the hillsides of their villages. Earth Givers provided vegetable seeds for planting home gardens and will offer education in composting, sustainable planting practices and organic insect and disease control.

The planting method-Forest Gardens-is a sustainable and erosion-combating approach that uses intensive perennial planting in a layered manner, much like a natural forest system. This approach requires little water after the first year and reduces soil loss.


  • Reduce soil erosion and increase food security by planting the landscape with food trees and plants.
  • Increase the long-term success of perennial food production by sharing sustainable planting strategies with women.
  • Increase women’s ability to sustain their families by increasing the availability of food that can be consumed, traded or sold.
  • Develop a network of women who will share their knowledge and skills with other women.
  • Provide a model that can be passed on to other villages.

A word from mōksa organics:

We’re a family of four – a mom, a dad and 2 wee ones.  What began in our home, expanded into a small workshop and is continuing to grow.  We create really cool soap and organic skin care that is handcrafted with the finest ingredients.

We have an immense love for nature, a love for activism, and we desire to be a part of a world that offers well being for all people.  Our family and business work together as one unit and our mission to create a true sustainable future for our planet is the heartbeat.

Melissa, Editorial Director

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