Vegan Girl About Town: Who Is Niomi Smart?


She’s the beautiful blonde bombshell promoting a healthy way of life via a multitude of social media platforms, and with a succession of loyal followers currently totaling over 1.8 million, we’re here to discover who exactly is Niomi Smart?

A quick glance at her Instagram feed may leave you envious, but Niomi is proof that hard work comes with a great payoff.

It was in 2012 that Niomi really become conscious of her health. After the horrifying and sad ordeal of losing a family friend to incurable skin cancer, she decided to overhaul her health overnight. Gone was the typical student diet of quick fast food and junk laden snacks; Niomi dived headfirst into a plant-based diet. She cut out all processed foods, dairy, fish and meat and adopted a vegan lifestyle, taking inspiration from healthy cookbooks.

In 2014, Niomi catapulted herself into the world via YouTube and was met with an overwhelming reaction. It seemed YouTube was waiting for Niomi to share her secrets and lifestyle with the online world, and now Niomi has a rather impressive 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, with her Instagram slightly ahead with 1.8 million.

Today you can find videos such as her ‘What I Eat In A Day’ series in which Niomi films everything she eats in a day, including easy-to-follow recipes, so that her viewers can go and recreate her healthy way of living. Other types of videos that can be found on her channel are travel vlogs, fashion hauls and recently an ‘A Day In The Life Of A YouTuber’ video. Her blog has become the go-to for women around the world looking for fashion, food, health, beauty and travel advice.

Niomi’s cookbook Eat Smart: What To Eat In A Day (Harper Collins, 2016) offers a plethora of wellness tips and tricks as well an an abundance of recipes. If you’re looking to really overhaul your lifestyle and health then this book will revolutionize the way you see healthy living. In addition, there are sections in the book dedicated to teaching you about staple foods, as well as the kitchen appliances it’s worthwhile investing in.


Niomi credits her diet with her energy and her ability to bounce out of bed in the morning ready to tackle the day ahead. Not sure that you could adopt the same kind of lifestyle? Niomi insists that she is proof that anyone can switch to a healthier way of living. Her advice is to start with one meal and go from there; it’s not about restriction, instead think of it as a new way to enjoy food.


Lora O'Brien

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