5 New Wellness Coaches Ready To Reshape Your World


Years past, you might be able to find a weight trainer or a personal trainer. Maybe even a dietician. Now if you’re looking to bust out of your fitness plateau, you can turn to a new generation of wellness coaches that can help you get fit, eat well, and feel motivated—and many from the comfort of your own home. This recent phenomenon has changed perceptions and encouraged a lot of folks who would otherwise be overwhelmed to get up and get moving.

Why the sudden surge in coaching? It turns out that diet books, eating plans, strict gym schedules and unobtainable goals have made us confused and sometimes complacent, and health coaches help simplify the process. Whether you feel like you need a coach or not, there is always something you can learn from a new eating plan to an entirely new fitness routine.

So dive in, and try these five different wellness coaches:

Get Lean with The Body Coach

The Body Coach, with Joe Wicks, focuses on healthy and simple recipes in conjunction with short HIIT work-outs that can be done anywhere with minimum equipment or pre-planning required. Recipes are designed to leave you full and satisfied and help mitigate cravings. He provides a comfortable balance of carb dishes and reduced-carb dishes throughout the day, depending on when you’ve done your workout, to assist you during your recovery period.

Each workout won’t take you longer than 30 minutes and they’re all easily accessible through his YouTube channel. If you’re after some transformational body magic, then you could look into the SSS (Shift, Shape & Sustain) a 90-day routine where you will be provided with a tailored plan for your meals and your work-outs. Having attended a book signing myself, with a Q&A session afterward, I was amazed at some of the feedback received from the crowd regarding the SSS plan experience and their commitment to a challenging yet simple plan. Participants were motivated, improved their diet and were able to maintain physical activity without burning out after 2 weeks.

Be Strong with Zanna Van Dijk

London-based, Zanna is also a self-starter in the industry and established herself as personal trainer, blog & vlog-ger, a UK Adidas ambassador and coach. (Yes, I also feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in life.) In her recently launched book, STRONG, she busts the myths and reveals her no-fail formula for a powerful, lean physique and lasting health and happiness. Focusing on ‘girl gains’ and empowering women, she helps women understand the importance of strength training without feeling like they’re becoming muscle builders (not that there is anything wrong with Mr. & Mrs. Muscle, but each to their own).

She runs an active Instagram account, where she allows her followers to get an insight into her daily routine, as well as tips and upcoming classes or fitness days. And after seeing her legs, I think you’ll be signing up too!

Sweat with Kayla

Starting out as a personal trainer in 2008, Kayla Itsines, has helped educate and support millions of women around the world about health and fitness. Known for her Bikini Body Guides (BBG), a 12-week program of fitness and diet, Kayla focuses on achieving your ultimate summer bod. If you’re looking for motivation and interesting workouts, as well as flexibility, this coach is the one for you.

Tone it Up for the Summer

Tone it Up (TIU), is a US-based fitness revolution that has gone global. A collection of fitness plans that run during the same period of time every-year, enables all members to participate in the plan together. With each country’s group, joining up in regular meets and classes together, TIU has established both global and local communities to encourage communication and support. There are daily workouts, weekly schedules, nutrition plans, and more to keep you on track and motivated.

If you’re looking for someone to keep you accountable and to have every single aspect of the program all laid out in front of you, then this might be your go-to. You even get some useful merchandise included in your package, which will fully equip you to take on the challenge and also have a TIU gal or network to keep you motivated during those sluggish days. Working-out will never feel as good as it does with TIU, plus they give you a toned body guarantee.

Body Pump with Les Mills

If you feel like you know what you’re doing on your healthy eating front, but may lack the enthusiasm to hit the gym then try a Les Mills program. With a range of classes from Body Balance (yoga-inspired), to Body Attack and Body Pump, classes can be done at home or at a studio near you.

Les Mills classes focus on time efficiency and getting the most of your workout through carefully planned sessions and trained instructors.

Find Your Personal Trainer

If you’re looking for coach who can be committed to you, your regime and your diet, and who can structure it toward your personal goals, you’ll want to look for a personal trainer. For a monthly fee, you can plan your schedule to your preference and find out more about your body, strength and nutrition. If you’re a newbie to exercise, then your personal trainer will also support you in ensuring you’re up to scratch with the moves. Let’s face it, new exercise names and abbreviations are popping up everyday, and even the most active ladies can’t keep up with the new slang. Yes, that’s 10 frog-jumps and 5 bear crawls EMOM* followed by a AMRAP**, for you my dear. Go figure!

*EMOM: Every Minute on the Minute

**As Many Reps as Possible

Marina Sergeeva

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