Apple Jack Crostini



  • 1 long, fresh baguette
  • real butter
  • arugula and/or baby spring greens
  • fresh, tart apple slices (we love Haralsons)
  • cinnamon and sugar
  • ginger jam
  • Apple Jack cheese or regular Monterey Jack cheese (cut into star shapes)
  • red pepper flakes
  • coarse sea salt (optional)


  1. Cut baguette into 1-inch thick slices. Toast them if desired.
  2. Spread each slice with a little butter.
  3. Top with some greens (not too many, a few leaves will do,) followed by a thin slice of apple, a sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar, a about 2 teaspoons of ginger jam, a cheese star, and finally a sprinkle of the pepper flakes.
  4. Salt a little, if you prefer.

Recipe courtesy of ChinDeep

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