Refresh Your Living Space With These Unique 10 Feng Shui Tips


Feng Shui TipsFeng Shui Tips


Is it time to refresh your living space? Thanks to a little help from our design-savvy friends we gathered up the biggest trends to help you makeover your home. There are certain tips you can use to create a perfect home.

Tip 1: Add Citrus

Ever since Pantone announced Tangerine Tango the color of the year, citrus brights are popping up everywhere. Curtin’s, placemats, carpets and couches all have a bright splash of color. If you space is looking a little dull, consider using the expert’s advice and splashing in some citrus or tangerine tango. Your space will go from blah to instant ahhh.

Tip 2: Stay Calm, Cool & Collected

“Use collected items from your travel and life experience,” says Brittainy Tiffany of Tiffany Home Furnishings, decorating your home with items you collect in your life is a perfect way to make your space more inviting. The trinkets represent moments more then things. When you collect moments your life becomes enriching and fulfilling.

Tip 3: Eliminate Clutter

Clutter jams your frequencies and makes it impossible to enjoy your space. Clutter can creep in to your space in many forms, such as junk mail, toys, old cloths, dust, dirty laundry and the list goes on. Unclutter your space and prepare for a stress free-living environment.

Tip 4: Lighten Up

Brittainy Tiffany suggests using light color furniture in dark spaces or having natural light reflect into your home. The more open and airy your space is the more energy can flow throughout. If you have window close to your desk, bed or couch, open them up for fresh air and let natural light in to your space. For more home expert home decorating tips visit Tiffany Home Furnishings, furniture store Portland, Oregon.

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Tip 5: Sharp Angles

Sharp angles are carriers of negative energies. If you have sharp angles pointed at you like a laser they funnel negative energies toward you.

Tip 6: Drain

Make sure that all your drains are functioning properly. Drains are where the bad energies from being unclean literally get cleared away.

Tip 7: Colors

When painting your exterior you shouldn’t use more than 3 colors.

Tip 8: Desk Direction

When people at work are facing the door or having it within their eye line, they relax and feel much more comfortable.

Tip #9: Bedroom

Take out any EMF emitting items like TV, computer or electric operated machines.

Tip 10: Positivity


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