Scars Be Gone!


Unfortunately, scarring is a part life.  Surgery, accidents, pregnancy, weight loss, and even acne, can leave unsightly reminders on our skin.  Fortunately, mother nature has provided several nourishing essential oils which can help heal and fade scars.

Helichrysum oil, otherwise known as everlasting oil, is truly the superstar of all the scar healing oils.  Helichrysum is known for healing stretch marks, skin blemishes, and old and new scars alike.  Mix a few drops of helichrysum oil and with another remarkable scar healing oil, rosehip oil, to help fight acne and heal wounds with minimal scarring.  Lavender oil not only has a pleasing aroma but is also renowned for its anti-inflamatory and soothing properties and can be applied directly to the skin if desired or added to other essential oils.  Similar to helichrysum, lavender oil contains ketone molecules which help stimulate tissue regeneration.

For superior scar healing power:

Mix 1 ounce of rosehip oil with 1 milliliter of helichrysum oil and 1 milliliter of lavender oil.

Carrot seed, grape seed, neroli, sage, sandalwood, or rosemary oils may be substituted for lavender or added to the mixture, depending on your own personal preference.

Happy healing!

Scars Be Gone

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