Sleeping In Makeup? 5 Reasons Why You Really Shouldn’t Do This


sleeping in makeupAre you accustomed to sleeping in makeup? Truth is, leaving your makeup on overnight is really not a good idea for 5 simple reasons.

Sleeping in makeup might seem like no big deal, especially when you are just dying to hit the hay. You’ve probably done this at least once or twice, right? You were out late, got home and just felt way too tired to wipe your makeup off of your sleepy face. Instead, you plop into your bed, head dive for the pillow with a face full of makeup, too tired to care. For some of you, this is common practice. You see it as no problem not to wipe off your makeup until the next morning.

Some may say “Ewwww…gross!”  Others may say, “What’s the issue here?”

The truth is, sleeping in makeup overnight is really not a good idea for these simple, yet not totally obvious reasons:

  1. Your makeup gets old after several hours and bacteria sets in. And if you have been out playing in the sun or dancing under the moonlight, your sweat glands released some toxins which are still hanging around on your face. Pores get clogged. Bacteria, oil, and sweat on your face just don’t make for a pretty (or healthy) face.
  2. Your face is composed of beautiful skin. And skin (your body’s largest organs) needs to sweat freely and breathe without an overlay of SPF, tint, moisturizers and other chemicals. Oh yes. Take a deep breath in. Now breathe out. See how that feels? That’s what your face needs to do at the end of each day and night.
  3. Besides your skin, your eye makeup needs to come off too. Go completely Naked. Clean the off the eyeliner, shadow, brow pencil and mascara before you get too sleepy at night. Take it ALL off. ! Your lashes and eyes need to be free of any particles, products or chemicals at night. Give them a rest.
  4. Your face needs and wants a good cleaning. Whether you have dry, oily or combo skin, cleansing is absolutely necessary at least once a day (sometimes twice for some of us). Proper cleansing of your skin enables your body to grow new, healthy cells.
  5. Your pillowcases will look so much better without makeup smears on them.

sleeping in makeupA few other great tips: while makeup can enhance your beautiful features, minimal is best. Go au natural whenever possible. Your natural skin is much more beautiful than you believe it to be. For that dramatic night look at the clubs or for your intimate dinner date, remember, “Shine your real face; it’s what other people really want to see in you!” (A sweet Tweetable!) ie..too much make up looks like you are attempting to hide yourself rather than to illuminate yourself.
From now on, make it not sleeping in makeup a habit. No matter what time you come home at night or how tired you feel, march into the bathroom and wipe off the day’s coverage. Go full-facial commando!

Give your skin the best opportunity to glow and reflect the best of you!  (another sweet Tweetable!)

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