ABCs and The Rest of the Alphabet on Sun-Safe Skin Care.


Do you really know your abc’s of sun-safe skin care?

Self-detection is key for noticing skin problems before they become serious. An easy way to remember how to tell if a bump is just a freckle or something more, is to follow the ABCs and now E rule:

  • A for asymmetry – early melanomas show asymmetry, where one half does not match the other.
  • B for border – be wary of an uneven border or one with notched edges.
  • C for color – varied shades of tan, brown, or black are suspicious as are red, white, and blue colors.
  • D for diameter – see your doctor if it is larger than six millimeters or the size of a pencil eraser.
  • E for evolving – note any changes in the color, shape, size, etc. of your mole.

Prevention is key; protect yourself from skin cancer and sunspots by wearing sun-safe protective clothing and personal care and always be sure to apply sunscreen, even if it is a cloudy day. Here are a few sun care products that protect and soothe.

Before you leave the house, apply a lotion with SPF 15 or higher to your face, neck, and hands and anywhere else that may receive sun exposure. Most people forget their hands, ears, and neck, so these areas frequently show the most signs of aging.

Jason Aquamoist Balancing SPF 15 Lotion is designed for oily or combination skin and contains organic bio-active blue green algae to cool the skin and control excess oil.

Lamas Beauty Cosmeceuticals Pro-Vita C Moisturizer SPF 15 is designed to protect and moisturize; it also combines vitamins A and E to smooth wrinkles.

Leaf and Rusher’s Solar Screen SPF 30 contains vitamins A, C, and E as well as a special blend of beta glucan, derived from natural oats, which adds an additional protective layer against UVA radiation.

After you’ve spent a day in the sun (or just a few hours) replenish lost moisture with a hydrating cream or after-sun balm. Max Green Alchemy’s Skin Rescue Cream is 100% natural, containing a blend of twenty-two active botanicals and vitamins that help calm dry and irritated skin. Enhanced with the aromas of chamomile and neroli, this synthetic-, paraben-, and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate-free cream is sure to become a favorite.. Aubrey Organics After Sun formulation with shea butter, organic aloe, and jojoba oil helps to soothe dry, sun-kissed skin. Alba Organics Kona Coffee After-Sun Lotion softens the skin and helps neutralize free-radical damage. Combining macadamia oil and shea butter, this cream is a heavenly remedy for a painful burn.

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